? ? ? ? ? 英文书信通常包括六个部分: Heading(信头), Inside Address(信内地址), Salutation(称呼), Body of Letter(信的正文), Complementary Close(结束语), Signature(签名)
  3)称呼 对不相识的男子,单数常用Sir, ? Dear Sir,或 My Dear Sir;复数常用 Dear Sirs 或 Gentlemen。对不相识的 女士,单数常用Madam, Dear Madam, 或 My Dear Madam;复数常用 Mesdames或My Dear Mesdames。 ? 对比较熟悉的男子,一般称Dear Mr...即 可;对比较熟悉的女士,一般称Dear Mrs (或 Miss)...即可
? 熟人和亲人之间通信,可用下列称呼(按亲密 程度排列):Dear David; My dear David, Dearest David, My dearest David, My dearest, Darling David, My darling, My very own darling等。有头 衔的可把头衔缩写放在名字前,如 Prof. Wang, Dr. Liu, Gen. Chang等。
  4)信的正文 称呼下方隔一二行处开始 写正文。写信与写文章一样,要分段写, 每段有一个中心思想,内容表达清楚, 语言简单明了,态度诚恳礼貌。给亲友 的信还应该亲切热情。
  5) 结束语是写信人对收信人的谦称,写在正 文下面二三行处,从中间写起,第一个词的开 头字母要大写,末尾用逗号。 ? 给机关团体或不相识的人可用: ? Yours truly或Truly yours ? Yours faithfully或Faithfully yours ? Yours sincerely或Sincerely yours
? 给上级或长者的信可用: ? Yours respectfully或Respectfully yours ? Yours obediently或Obediently yours ? Yours gratefully或Gratefully yours ? 给一般熟人或朋友的信可用: ? Yours, Yours ever, Ever yours, Yours as ever, 或 Yours sincerely ? 给亲属或挚友的信可用: ? Yours affectionately, Lovingly yours, Your loving son (child, sister...),或Yours devoted friend

  1。基本框架 Opening Body Ending
  2.guidlines for writing ? The tone of the language should be sincere, friendly and courteous. ? The letter should prompt.
  1. state the purpose of your letter. ?
  2. Extend sincere expression of gratitude to the receiver.

  1. Recall the happy minute/event.
  2. High praise of the past favor.
  3. List the reason why you are grateful to the recipient.
  4. Express your feeling.
  1. reiterate your great appreciation of the favor and help rendered to you. ?
  2. Express your wish to have the opportunity to reciprocate /repay the past favor.
? ? ? ? ? I’m grateful to you for… I’m much obliged to you for … I appreciate it more than I can say. I can never thank you enough I shall be pleased to reciprocate your favor when the opportunity arises. ? I take this opportunity to express to you my deep appreciation for the kind assistance you rendered me.
? I wish there were a better word than “thanks” to express my appreciation for your generous help. ? I’m writing these few lines to express my sincere thanks, not only to … but to …for the hospitality and kindness/concern shown me.
? It was kind and generous of you to do this for me, and I appreciate it more than I can say. ? Many thinks for your kindness and hospitality. ? Words fail me when I want to express my gratitude to you. ? Again, I would like to express our warm thanks to you。 ? We express our sincere and heartfelt thanks for the past favor.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 感激 Appreciate sth. Think sb. for sth. Be grateful to sb. for sth. Be indebted to sb. for sth. Be obliged to sb. Owe sb. Express one’s gratitude
? Heartfelt ? Cordial ? Sincere ? Generosit y ? Hospitalit y ? Kindness ? Courtesy ? Help/ favor ? concern
Convey Fail to express Beyond words Beyond one’s power of expression Repay reciprocate
Letter Thanks
? ? Dear Mr. Smith, I am writing to you just to tell you how very much I appreciate the warm welcome you extended to my wife when she visited your country last week. The help and advice you gave to her, and the introductions you arranged for her, have resulted in a number of very useful meetings and I should like you to know how very grateful I am for all you have done to make them possible. I realized the value of time to a busy person like you and this makes me all the more appreciative of the time you so generously gave to her.. Sincerely yours, …
? ?
Thanks Letter
? Dear Mr. Smith, ? I am writing to you just to tell you how very much I appreciate the warm welcome you extended to my wife when she visited your country last week.
? The help and advice you gave to her, and the introductions you arranged for her, have resulted in a number of very useful meetings and I should like you to know how very grateful I am for all you have done to make them possible. ? I realized the value of time to a busy person like you and this makes me all the more appreciative of the time you so generously gave to her.. ? Sincerely yours, …
Sample one
? You broke your leg due to a traffic accident and were hospitalized for a month, during which you received many cards, letters and flowers from your classmates. Now you have recovered and been back home. Write a letter to them to explain your condition in detail and thank them at the same time.
? Dear friends ? Today I returned to my long lost home. It is so nice to be back home. I take this opportunity to express to you my sincere and heartfelt thanks to you for your kindly comforts and encouragement rendered me during my stay in hospital. I am so fortunate to have you as my closest friends.
? Thanks to the horrible accident, I begin to treasure all the more what I have now. It was your kindness and comforts that helped me through the tough period and stood up from the pains. I can never thank you enough. Your cards, flowers and smiling faces are like a warm fire in the dark freezing winter nights, which will always remain a comfort and give me strength and spur me forward, surmounting all sorts of difficulties lying ahead. I can say that without your encouragement I could not have recovered so soon.
? Once more I would like to say “thank you” to you all. I wish there were a better word than “thanks” to express my gratitude. ? With love, ? jack
Your tasks
  1. last weekend, you were invited to spend the weekend at an American family. Now you are require to write a letter of thank. ?
  2. You have just passed an very important exam in your life and got a certificate. Now write a letter to thank your good friend who have helped you throughout the preparation period.
? 基本框架 ? Opening ? Body ? Ending
? Make clear your purpose of writing the letter.
? State the reasons for the invitation. ? The content of the invitation: the nature of the matter, the place and time of the event. ? Requirement and wish.
? Reiterate the purpose of writing this letter. ? Expectation of an early reply from the receriver.
? I am pleased to invite you to participate in… to be held form … to…(time) in …(place) ? It is my pleasure/ a great honor for me to invite you to… ? It is with great pleasure that I invite you to attend
? It is my pleasure to extend an invitation to you to travel to… for the purpose of … ? I will be expecting you: so do not disappoint me. ? I am longing to see you soon.
? I am sure that you will enjoy yourself here. ? Will you do us the favor of attending ? I will cover all the expenses involved ? Do you agree to my arrangement?
? Invite sb. to do sth. ? Extend an invitation ? It is my pleasure to invite… ? It is with great pleasure that I invite… ? It is my honor to invite …
? Attend ? Take part in ? Participate in ? Join sb. in sth.
Accept Welcome Turn down decline
? Task: ? You booked a two ?week travel at a travel company for you and your brother. But your brother notified you that he cannot attend it. You know a friend is also interested in this travel, please writer to your friend , explain what has happened and invite him to go with you.
? Dear Bill: ? Hello, I hope everything is fine with you. I’m writing to invite you to have Im a trip to Beijing with me. Do you remember that last year you told me that you were quite interested in a visit to Beijing?
? The situation is that I have booked two tickets for a travel to Beijing for my brother an me through China Travel Agency, but my brother is informed by his boss to hold a conference next week. The conference is important for his company and my brother is the only person who can chair it. So he can not go with me.
? I would be glad if you can go traveling with me. I ensure you will enjoy the trip. Firstly, Beijing is the capital of China, which has lots of famous scenic spots. Secondly, you know, we can look after each other and have lots of things to talk about during the journey.
? Looking forward to your kindly response. ? Best wishes ? Yours, Dongyi



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  商务英语书信的格式与结构 [摘 要] 商务英语书信的格式与结构基本上是固定的,一旦选定其中一种便不 能随意更改。商务英语的内容与其结构相应,其中七项是必不可缺的。熟练掌握 商务英语书信的格式与结构是从事对外贸易工作的必备技能。 [关键词] 商务英语书信;格式;结构 H315 [文献标识码] B [文章编号][中国图书分类号]1008 - 9144(2004) 06 - 0078 - 01 我国实行对外开放以来,对外贸易得到迅速发展。WTO 的成功加入,使我国 的对外贸易事业有了突破和发展。作为对 ...


  英文求职信( 英文求职信(一)智联招聘 日期: 2005-12-14一、求职信的格式、用词和礼节 求职信的格式、 求职信是有目的地针对不同用人单位的一种书面自我介绍,通常一页长,书 写一般以商业格式为标准,分开头,中间和结尾三部分。首尾部份应注意礼貌, 通常信的开始要先做自我介绍,如:姓名、学校、所学专业等。中间部分是正文, 是求职信的核心,形式多种多样,一般为自我条件展示、工作展望等内容。先是 你写求职信的目的是什么,目标是什么?是想获得一个什么样的具体的职务;其 次写自己对从事此工作感兴趣的 ...


  28*尺有所短,寸有所长 28*尺有所短,寸有所长 ? 尺有所短,寸有所长 短:不足,长:有余。比 喻各有长处,也各有短处, 彼此都有可取之处。书信的5 书信的5个主要部分 一般书信可分为称呼、 正文、结尾、署名、日 期五个部分,每个部分 都有一定的格式。(1)称呼。 称呼。?根据自己和收信人的关系, 平时怎么称呼,在信中就怎么 写。如给爸爸写信,称呼就写 “爸爸”;写信给老师、同学 的信,称呼就写“*老师”、 “**同学”。称呼要从第一行 顶格写起。称呼后面要加冒号 (:),表示下面有话要说。 ...


  英文书信的格式 英文书信是一种最常用的应用文体, 对于普通的私人信件通常由五部 分组成: 1.信头:指发信人的地址和日期。写在信纸的右上角,可以从靠近 信纸的中央写起。信头上面要留空白。先写发信人地址。地址的写法 与汉语不同,要先写小地方,后写大地方。在地址的下面写上日期。 日期的顺序是: 日、 或者: 月、 例如: 月、 年, 日、 年。 May 17? 2003。 在年份之前有一个逗号。 2.称呼:指对收信人的称呼。写在信头之下,从信纸的左边开始。 写信给熟悉的人,一般用 Dear…或 My ...


  英文书信的格式 1、 信头(Heading) 指发信人的姓名(单位名称) 、地址和日期,一般写在信纸的右上角。一般公函或商业信函 的信纸上都印有单位或公司的名称、地址、电话号码等,因此就只需在信头下面的右边写上 写信日期就可以了。 英文地址的写法与中文完全不同,地址的名称按从小到大的顺序:第 一行写门牌号码和街名;第二行写县、市、省、州、邮编、国名;然后再写日期。标点符号 一般在每一行的末尾都不用,但在每一行的之间,该用的还要用,例如在写日期的时候。 2、 日期的写法: 如:1997 年 7 月 ...


  英语书信的基本常识由之前英语常用应用文的分类来看,基本上我们接触的常用应用文主要是书信类.书信的具 体写法格式,中文同英文是有很大差别的.因此了解英文书信的一些常识性东西是十分必要的. (一)英文书信内容的组成部分 英文书信不论是商业信,社交信或朋友间的通信,依据习惯,大体都有六部分组成.即: 信头(heading) 信内地址(inside address) 称呼(salutation) 正文(body) 结尾语(complimentary close) 签名(signature) 1.信头(h ...


  英文书信的格式概述 英文书信一般可由信头、信内地址、称呼、信的正文、结束语、签名、信封 几个基本要素组成。根据实际需要,还可以加上附件、再启等要素。 (一) 信头 ( Heading ) 信头是写信时最先写的部分,又称信端。信头一般写在信纸的右上角,包括 寄信人通信地址和写信日期。从信纸上首中间偏右处起,第一行先写寄信人的门 牌号码,再写街道名称;第二行先写县市名称,再写省份名称,往右空两个字母 宽的位置,再写上邮政编码。如果信是寄给国外的,寄信人还应该写第三行,这 行写自己国家的名称,最后一行 ...

英语写作 书信作文万能格式

  一、投诉信  Dear ,  ①I am (自我介绍). ②I feel bad to trouble you but I am afraid that I have to make a complaint about.  ③The reason for my dissatisfaction is (总体介绍). ④In the first place, (抱怨的第一个方面). ⑤In addition,(抱怨的第二个方面). ⑥Under these circumstances, I find ...

书信的格式默认分类 2008

  书信的格式默认分类 2008-11-28 21:05:42 阅读 13303 评论 9字号:大中小 订阅彭教授向学生介绍了书信的格式和方法。他说,书信的成分有称谓语、提称语、思慕语、 正文、祝愿语和署名六个部分。 据彭教授介绍,书信中敬称称呼对方表明尊重。可以用古代的爵称,君、公等,也可在 称谓前加敬字,或者称字和号。对于一些我们非常敬仰的有一定学术地位的长者,比如社科 院的庞朴先生,学术界一般都称他为庞公。夫人这个词是专用来称对方或他人妻子的,绝对 不能称呼自己的妻子为我夫人。称呼对方的儿子为 ...



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  武汉软件工程职业学院机械制造工程系 学生分会生活部十二月份工作计划随着时间的流逝, 十一月份即将离我们远去。 在过去的这个 随着时间的流逝, 十一月份即将离我们远去。 月中, 月中,我部工作已取得初步成效。 我部工作已取得初步成效。部门干事已从参与的各活动中 积累一定经验, 为将后来的活动顺利开展打下了 积累一定经验,吸取一些教训, 吸取一些教训, 一定的基础。为更好的服务机械系学生,进一步发挥部门作用, 一定的基础。为更好的服务机械系学生,进一步发挥部门作用, 特制定以下计划; 特制定以下计划 ...


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