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April 13,2000 P.O. Box 36 Tsinghua University Beijing,China 100084 Dear Sir/Madam: Your advertisement for a Network Maintenance Engineer in the April 10 Student D aily interested me bacause the position that you described sounds exactly like the kind of job I am seeking. According to the advertisement ,your position requires top university,Bachelor or a bove in Computer Science or equivalent field and proficient in Windows NT
  4.0 and LIN UX System. I feel that I am competent to meet the requirements. I will be graduating from Graduate School of Tsinghua University this year with a M.S. degree . My studi es have included courses in computer control and management and I designed a cont rol simulation system developed with Microsoft Visual InterDev and SQL Server. During my education, I have grasped the principals of my major and skills of prac tice. Not only have I passed CET-6, but more important I can communicate with other s freely in English. My ability to write and speak English is out of question. I would appreciate your time in reviewing my enclosed resume and if there is any additional information you require, please contact me.I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you for a personal interview. With many thanks, Wang Lin
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April 13,2000 Room 212 Building 343 Tsinghua University,Beijing 100084 Ms. Yang: I was referred to you by Mr. Zhang, a Partner with your Beijing office, who inform ed me that the Shanghai office of your company is actively seeking to hire quality indivi duals for your Auditor Program. I have more than two years of accounting experience, including interning as an Aud itor last year with the Beijing office of CCCC. I will be receiving my MBA this May from Tsinghua University. I am confident that my combination of practical work experience a nd solid educational experience has prepared me for making an immediate contribution t o your company. I understand the level of professionalism and communication required f or long-term success in the field. My background and professional approach to business will provide your office with a highly productive Auditor upon completion of your develo pment program. I will be in the Shanghai area the week of April
  16. Please call me at 13600121690 1 to arrange a convenient time when we may meet to further discuss my background i n relation to your needs. I look forward to meeting you then. Sincerely, Cheng Dan
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April 13,2000 P.O. Box 36 BIIT University Beijing,China 100000 Dear Sir/Madam: Now and then corporations send out feelers for just the right type of creative perso n. This person must fit very specific criteria. Usually, after all is said and done, the corp oration wants a business person who can manage, create and communicate. A seasoned professional who's been around for a while。
If you've been looking for this rare combination of business savvy and design exper tise, my background might interest you: Ten years of working experience. Solid background in the management of creative up-and-comers. Know new technologies that show instant profit, such as CAD/CAM. This is but a brief summary of my abilities. And there is much, much more to shar e.I feel I have strong marketable skills in which you would be interested. Please contact me if you would like to hear and see more. With many thanks, Huang Yan
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April 13,2000 P.O. Box 36 BIIT University Beijing,China 100000 Dear Sir/Madam: Please consider me for your Sales Management Program. My background is one of selling ideas, concepts and programs, and of motivating myself and others to realize our potential. Attitudes predict behavior - or so goes the saying in sales. If this holds true, I am sure to be as successful in sales management as I am in my college endeavors. My un ceasing optimism, self-determination and ability to set goals have allowed me to achieve academic and personal objectives. Because of my 'can do' attitude, sales will provide the challenge and opportunity to continue my successful history of setting and achieving goals. Please allow me the opp ortunity to elaborate on how my background predicts sales success. I guarantee you'll b e providing your corporation with an outstanding sales management . Thank you for yo ur attention.
Sincerely, Deng Yun
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April 13,2000 P.O. Box 36 BIIT University Beijing,China 100000 Dear Sir/Madam: Are you searching for a telecommunications manager with expertise in project management and team leadership? I specialize in creating and implementing high-performance strategies that directly impact growth and profitability of large telecommunications companies. In addition to my knowledge of business processes, I also offer proficiency in telecom software development and cutting-edge technologies. I am relocating to Shenzhen and would be interested in opportunities with your firm. Currently, I serv e as manager for BIT Company's Information Industry Division. Briefly, some of my accomplishments inclu de: Developed a tool to track and forecast price,quantity,and revenue, which enables client to monitor busi ness performance Implemented a customized end-to-end testing process and SQL database My business acumen, technical expertise, and leadership capabilities have contributed to a number of s uccessful projects. The enclosed resume outlines my credentials and accomplishments in greater detail. I w ould welcome an opportunity to meet with you for a personal interview. Sincerely, Gu Bin
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Date The Graduate Coordinator Master of Science Program The University of Texas at Austin IC? Institute 2815 San Gabriel Street Austin, TX 78705
Dear Graduate Coordinator: Please accept this letter as a request for admission to the Master of Science in Science and Technology Commercialization Degree Program (MSSTC) offered by IC? Institute at The University of Texas at Austin. Listed below are the following items that accompany my application: ? My official transcript(s) (official copies - sealed), ? An admissions processing fee, ? Three completed reference forms with letters of reference attached, ? A completed biographical sketch, ? A detailed resume, ? A completed statement of purpose form, and ? A letter of commitment from my employer (in-residence students only). Thank you for your consideration of my admission to the MSSTC program. Please contact me at (phone number) if you have any questions. Sincerely, 标 题: cover letter format guideline 发信站: BBS 水木清华站 (Tue Nov 20 23:25:19 20
  01) Your Street Address
City, State Zip Code Telephone Number Email Address Month, Day, Year Mr./Ms./Dr. Name Title Name of Organization Street or P. O. Box Address City, State Zip Code Dear Mr./Ms./Dr.: Opening paragraph: State why you are writing; how you learned of the organization or position, and basic information about yourself. 2nd paragraph: Tell why you are interested in the employer or type of work the employer does (Simply stating that you are interested does not tell why, and can sound like a form letter). Demonstrate that you know enough about the employer or position to relate your background to the employer or position. Mention specific qualifications which make you a good fit for the employer’s needs. This is an opportunity to explain in more detail relevant items in your resume. Refer to the fact that your resume is enclosed. Mention other enclosures if such are required to apply for a position. 3rd paragraph: Indicate that you would like the opportunity to interview for a position or to talk with the employer to learn more about their opportunities or hiring plans. State what you will do to follow up, such as telephone the employer within two weeks. If you will be in the employer’s location and could offer to schedule a visit, indicate when. State that you would be glad to provide the employer with any additional information needed. Thank the employer for her/his consideration. Sincerely, (Your handwritten signature) Your name typed Enclosure(s) (refers to resume, etc.) (Note: the contents of your letter might best be arranged into four
paragraphs. Consider what you need to say and use good writing style. See the following examples for variations in organization and layout.) ……………………………………………………… 标 题: cover letter sample(
  1) 发信站: BBS 水木清华站 (Tue Nov 20 23:25:36 20
  01) E-2 Apartment Heights Dr. Blacksburg, VA 24060 (5
  40) 555-0101 abcd@vt.edu February 22, 2000 Dr. Michael Jr. Rhodes Principal, Wolftrap Elementary School 1205 Beulah Road Vienna, VA 22182 Dear Dr. Rhodes: I enjoyed our conversation on February 18th at the Family and Child Development seminar on teaching young children and appreciated your personal input about helping children attend school for the first time. This letter is to follow-up on the Fourth Grade Teacher position as discussed at the seminar. I will be completing my Bachelor of Science Degree in Family and Child Development with a concentration in Early Childhood Education at Virginia Tech in May of 2000, and will be available for employment at that time. The teacher preparation program at Virginia Tech includes a full academic year of student teaching. Last semester I taught second grade and this semester, fourth grade. These valuable experiences have afforded me the opportunity to: develop lesson plans on a wide range of topics and varying levels of academic ability, work with emotionally and physically challenged students in a total inclusion program, observe and participate in effective classroom management approaches, assist with parent-teacher conferences, and complete In-Service sessions on diversity, math and reading skills, and community relations. Through my early childhood education courses I have had the opportunity to work in a private day care facility, Rainbow Riders
Childcare Center, and in Virginia Tech’s Child Development Laboratory. Both these facilities are NAEYC accredited and adhere to the highest standards. At both locations, my responsibilities included leading small and large group activities, helping with lunches and snacks, and implementing appropriate activities. Both experiences also provided me with extensive exposure to the implementation of developmentally appropriate activities and materials. I look forward to putting my knowledge and experience into practice in the public school system. Next week I will be in Vienna, and I plan to call you then to answer any questions that you may have. I can be reached before then at (5
  40) 555-76
  70. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Donna Harrington Enclosure ………………………………………………….. 标 题: cover letter sample(
  2) 发信站: BBS 水木清华站 (Tue Nov 20 23:25:50 20
  01) 5542 Hunt Club Lane, #1 Blacksburg, VA 24060 (5
  40) 555-8082 email: lajohnson@vt.edu April 14, 2000 Mr. William Jackson Employment Manager Acme Pharmaceutical Corporation 13764 Jefferson Parkway Roanoke, VA 24019 Dear Mr. Jackson: I read in the April 10th Charlotte Gazette classified section of your need for a sales representative for the Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina areas. I am very interested in a position with Acme Pharmaceuticals, and believe that my education and employment background are appropriate for the position. While working toward my master’s degree, I was employed as a sales
representative with a small dairy foods firm. I increased my sales volume and profit margin appreciably while at Farmer’s Foods, and hope to couple that success with the challenges and rewards of the pharmaceutical industry. I have a strong academic background in biology and marketing, and think that I could apply this combination of knowledge and experience to the health industry. Enclosed is a copy of my resume, which more fully details my qualifications for the position. I look forward to talking with you regarding sales opportunities with Acme Pharmaceuticals. Within the next week I will call you to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely,
Lynn A. Johnson Enclosure …………………………………………………….. 标 题: cover letter sample(
  3) 发信站: BBS 水木清华站 (Tue Nov 20 23:26:03 20
  01) 250 Prices Fork Road Blacksburg, VA 24060 (5
  40) 555-1234 e-mail: ghijkl@vt.edu March 14, 2000 Ms. Charlene Prince Director of Personnel Large National Bank Corporation Roanoke, VA 24040 Dear Ms. Prince: As I indicated in our telephone conversation yesterday, I would like to apply for the marketing research position you advertised in the March 12th edition of the Roanoke Times and World News. With my undergraduate research background, my training in psychology and sociology, and my
work experience, I believe I could make a valuable contribution to Large National Bank Corporation in this position. In May I will receive a Bachelor of Science degr



  Application Letter & ResumeApplication Letter1:Beginning (introduce the source of information)? Dear manager, ? Replying to your advertisement in today's issue of the (newspaper), I wish to apply for the position in your esteemed firm. ? On looki ...


  和简历一样,求职信越简单明了越好,因为用人单位决不会在一份简历上花过多的时间。因此,如何通过“扫描关”就显得犹为重要了。 秘笈 1 写好开头 首先应该表明你是在何家媒体看到应聘广告以及所要应聘职位的名称,如:(1)In answer to your advertisement in(媒体名称, 括号里只要按照实际情况填写,下同) for(职位名称),I wish to tender my services.(2)With reference to your advertisement in(媒体 ...


  四、 英文求职信范文April 13,2005P.O. Box 48Peking UniversityPeking, China 100013Dear Sir/Madam:I was referred to you by Mr. Zhang, a Partner with your Peking office, who informed me that the Shanghai office of your company is actively seeking to hire a Networ ...


  英文求职信范文 April 13,2005 P.O. Box 48 Peking University Peking, China 100013 Dear Sir/Madam: I was referred to you by Mr. Zhang, a Partner with your Peking office, who informed me that the Shanghai office of your company is actively seeking to hire a Net ...


  2005 年 3 月 14 日 中央电视台 人力资源部 刘先生 尊敬的刘先生:您好! 我是北京大学外国语学院英语系 05 届毕业的应届说是毕业生.我有幸在贵公司的网站 上看到了有关招聘行政助理的信息,我非常希望能够应聘该职位.为次,我带上了我在北京 大学四年的优秀的学术背景和学习经历,以及对中央电视台的热情,向贵公司投递简历,申 请"行政助理"一职. 除了在北京大学的三年研究生学习的经历以外,我还在各种实践活动和课外活动中体 现出我的各方面的能力, 不仅有优秀的英语听说读写能 ...


  英文求职信:工作经验常用语 英文求职信:Dunphy & Reilly,Inc. Senior Internal Auditor Conducted operational and financial audits of manufacturingsubsidiaries. Designed and implemented audit programs to test theefficiency of all aspects of accounting controls. Recomme ...


  www.dajie.com- 中国最先进的大学生互动求职平台一、求职信的格式、用词和礼节求职信是有目的地针对不同用人单位的一种书面自我介绍,通常一页长,书写一般以商业格式为 标准,分开头,中间和结尾三部分。首尾部份应注意礼貌,通常信的开始要先做自我介绍,如:姓名、 学校、所学专业等。中间部分是正文,是求职信的核心,形式多种多样,一般为自我条件展示、工作 展望等内容。先是你写求职信的目的是什么,目标是什么?是想获得一个什么样的具体的职务;其次 写自己对从事此工作感兴趣的原因、愿意到该单位工作的愿望 ...

英文求职信和简历写法和范文 Practical Writing--Applications and Resumes

  Practical Writing Applications and ResumesThe written word Should be clean as bone, Clear as light, Firm as stone. Two words are not As good as one.Applications and ResumesIn writing your letters of application, you should keep in mind three points: ...


  Dear Sir ***, It’s greatly appreciated that you can share your time to read my self?reco mmendation letter. My name is Sun HF,20,majoring in English. I will graduat e from ShanDong University in June 2016 with honors. In the course of 7?ye ar univers ...


  英文求职信的写法所属:沪江英语 阅读:3228 评论:0 分享到人人录音稿、翻译稿、听写稿!未注册用户都是没有办法使用的,可惜! 本文相关应用? 鼠标划词已启用 ? 挑错 ? 收藏 ? 评论 ? 打印应用文主要包括书信、摘要、报告、备忘录四种。下面以求职信为例,谈应用文的写作,希 望读者能举一反三。同时求职信是大学生步入社会、走向工作岗位的第一步,了解求职信的 写法具有实际意义。 那么, 如何用地道流利的英语写好一份求职信呢?关键要处理好求职信 的五个组成部分:写信动机、自我介绍、本人能力、结尾 ...



  >>>教育资讯网某县地税分局**年度工作总结不平凡的**年转眼即逝,这一年是我县地税系统人事机构改革以来全面迎接挑战、接受新考验关键性的一年。今年以来,我分局在县局和地方政府的正确领导下,全体干部以邓小平理论和江泽民同志“三个代表”的重要思想为指导,深入贯彻落实“加强征管、堵塞漏洞、惩治腐败、清缴欠税”的十六字方针,发扬“四铁”精神,坚持依法治税、应收尽收、坚决不收“过头税”的组织收入原则,加强各项管理,团结拼搏,克服种种困难,全面完成了各项任务,为我县的经济发展做出了应有的贡 ...


  实习报告一,实习目的毕业实习是大学教育最后一个极为重要的实践性教学环节.通过毕业 实习,使我们在社会实践中接触与本专业相关的实际工作,增强感性认识, 培养和锻炼我们综合运用所学的基础理论,基本技能和专业知识,去独立 分析和解决实际问题的能力,把理论和实践结合起来,提高实践动手能力, 提高我们在实际的社会工作中的交际能力,了解整个的就业环境和市场信 息.让我们在真正走入工作岗位之前学习社会,接触社会,为我们毕业后 走上工作岗位打下一定的基础;同时能检验教学效果,并为自己能顺利与 社会环境接轨做准备 ...


  张家港市教育局文件张教〔2009〕77 号关于印发《张家港市中小学、 关于印发《张家港市中小学、幼儿园教师 师德考核办法(试行) 》的通知 师德考核办法(试行) 的通知 》各镇(区)教卫文体办(综合办) ,各中小学、幼儿园,各直属单 位: 现将《张家港市中小学、幼儿园教师师德考核办法(试行) 》 印发给你们,希结合本单位实际,认真贯彻落实。附件:张家港市中小学、幼儿园教师师德考核办法(试行)二??九年五月二十三日抄报:苏州市教育局,市委宣传部、市委办公室、市政府办公室、 市文明办 拟稿人:吴恒祥 ...


  写工作总结的目的? 写工作总结的目的? 工作总结的概述,往往包含了某一时期工作的背景,前一时期定下的目标,公司 这一时期的经营状况,业内的动态,产业的走势等。提纲挈领地把总结的框架, 也就是逻辑性表现出来。首先,你写工作总结是为了什么?如果是为了给领导交 差,那么直接可以去网上 copy 一份;如果是以下回答,那么,相信你的工作总 结真的是为了总结: “为了知道自己一年的工作成果,到底做了什么。” “总结工作失败的地方,哪些没注意到的,哪些可以做的更好的。” “看看去年的某种或某些情况下我哪些事 ...


  在“八一”建军节干部联欢会上的讲话 同志们: 在过去的 83 年里, 从南昌起义的战火硝烟中走出来的人民 军队,用他们的鲜血换来了民族的独立和祖国的解放,用他们的 忠诚铸起了保卫祖国主权和领土完整的钢铁长城。今天,我们借 助建军八十三周年纪念日,要向我们的人民军队致以崇高的敬 意。 很荣幸,现在我们的干部队伍就有 52 名军转干部,占到了 全局总人数的近十分之一,其中不乏一些团级、营级干部。但从 专业进入税务队伍的第一天起,又从新拿起了书本,一点一滴的 从头学起了税收业务知识, 在这个过程中付出 ...