英文求职信和简历写法和范文 Practical Writing--Applications and Resumes

Practical Writing Applications and Resumes
The written word Should be clean as bone, Clear as light, Firm as stone. Two words are not As good as one。
Applications and Resumes
In writing your letters of application, you should keep in mind three points: Your tone should be polite and confident. You’d better present your best qualificationsyour education and experiencein the most favorable light. But don’t be too aggressive and too confident. The employers may fear that you won’t be able to get along with the others they have already employed. On the other hand, don’t go to the other extreme and beg for a job for some personal reasons. Such appeals simply don’t work. You should use a standard business letter format. The employers judge job applicants as much on the way their letters look as on what they say. Your letter should be brief and to the pointno longer than one or two typewritten page, possibly three or four short paragraphs. The body of a basic job application letter can be broken into 3 parts: effective opening, presentation of qualifications and setting up an interview. The following sections will show you what to concentrate on in each of the parts.
  1) Write an effective opening
If you are applying for a job that was advertised, you should write a good opening in the most direct way which makes clear what kind of job you want. Why you are qualified for it and how your skills can be valuable to a particular business, for examples: “My training and experience as a sales manager and quality inspector should be useful to your firm.” Another way of opening your application letter is to ask a question: ”Do you need a good, experienced proof-reader?” That catches the employers’ attention and gets right to the point, but you must support your claim in the next paragraph.
  2) Present your qualifications
What is the most important to your application letter is the proof that you can do the job you want. Creating a good impression is necessary. You don’t need to be long-winded(唠叨的)about it because you’ll include a resume supplying the detail. Your letter should mention only those things that best qualify you for the job. Experience is essential. If you don’t have much work experience, you can emphasize your training and your grades, if they are good. You can also ransack (to search thoroughly) your past for other useful experience. If you want to take a job which needs organizational ability, you can list some things as examples of your ability to organize. Be as resourceful as you can when considering your skills, but don’t exaggerate them. Employers like employees who are devoted to their work. They also prefer employees who have a high opinion of the company they work for, so try to work in an indirect compliment. Just be careful not to over do it. For example: “ A position in your company would offer me more opportunity for advancement than I have with my present excellent, though smaller, firm.”
Remember to explain your desire to change jobs in a positive way. Salary is a subject that should not be dealt with in application letters. If an ad. asks for your salary requirement, suggest that the matter be discussed in your interview.
  3) Set up an interview
To obtain an interview is a real object of an application letter. Conclude your letter by offering to be interviewed at the company’s convenience, and add thanks. In today’s tight job market, you should make every effort to appear for an interview if you are offered one. After you’ve had your interview, you should write a brief follow-up letter to the interviewer. In this letter you could make some comments on some feature of the company which impressed you and express your thanks to your interviewers for their time and consideration. As your purpose is only to remind them of your name, a few brief, friendly lines will do. But if you are not expected to call your interviewer, no follow-up letter is necessary.
  1. (A Job Application letter)
500 West Main Street Normal, IL 61761 March 15, 2008
Ms. Maria Valdez (name) Personal Manager (title, if any) Great Western Publishing Corp. (company, if any) 77777 State Street, Room 456 (street address) Chicago, IL 60606(city, state, and zip) u9 u5 Dear Ms. Valdez (salutation), Do you need a good, experienced proofreader or copy editor? For two summers I worked as a proofreader at The Daily Deluge in Colfax, Illinois, and for three years as a part-time advertising copywriter for radio station WXYZ in Normal. As the enclosed resume indicates, I majored in English and minored in journalism at Illinois State University. u10 u11 u6
幻灯片 6 u6 u10 u11 u9 u5 Setting up interview
user, 2008-5-4
presenting qualifications
user, 2010-4-6
a compliment
user, 2010-4-6
an effective opening
user, 2010-4-6
Summarizing experience
user, 2008-5-4
My experience with various writing and proofreading assignments could prove useful to your firm. I know a position with your nationally known firm would be satisfying to me. As it would further my ambition to become a professional editor. May I come in for an interview at your convenience( I’d be most glad to meet with you any time next week except Tuesday afternoon, whether at your office or some other location) ? Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely Sue Leseure (typed name) Enclosure: Resume
  4) Attach a resume
A resume is a listing, in easy-to-read form, of everything about you that might be useful to an employer or a boss. Your resume should include work experience, education, professional training, personal details and a list of referencestwo or three people who will testify to your character and capabilities. Since your resume is your representativea personal record of your accomplishments, it might well: Be as attractive and informative as you can make it Present best points effectively Fit everything on one or two typed page Be in brevity Emphasize your own strong points (strengths) in a proper form Begin with your name, address an d telephone number Make each of the four partseducation, experience, personal data and referencea separate heading
Your resume is a key job-hunting tool to get a job interview. It summarizes your accomplishments, your education, as well as your work experience, and should reflect your special mix of skills and strengths. Never lie or stretch the facts; do not get creative when identifying your job titles, dates of employment, or accomplishments. On the other hand, do not be modest; be clear about successes and accomplishments and quantify whenever possible.
Pay attention to the following explanations of the four parts:

  1) Experience: List your jobs in reverse order, that is, list the present one first, then the job before that one and so on. It is best not to leave any gaps, even if you were unemployed sometime in the past. It is the best place to list on-the-job awards and major promotions.
  2) Education: List all your formal education and degrees. Again, start with the most recent.. You can use separate subheadings for scholastic honor or scholarships and for technical or management training that you received with some business or company.
  3) Personal data( not listed to avoid any racial, religious or national discrimination): This category includes information like age, height, weight, health and marital status. You may want to mention your membership in clubs and office held.
  4) References:(证明人,推荐人) List 2 or 3 people who have agreed to write reference letters for you. Give their complete business address and telephone numbers if they don’t object.
Sample 2 (A Resume)
Sue LeSeure 500 W. Main St. Normal, IL 61671 Telephone:309/452-9999 Experience Oct. 1976 to present Station WXYZ, Normal IL (during school term) Part-time, 20 hours per week. Wrote advertising copy and solicited ads. June-August 1979 The Daily Deluqe, Colfax IL June-August 1978 Full-time proofreader (Substituted for head proof-reader, 19
  79) June-August 1977 Gilbey’s Variety store, Colfax IL. Sales clerk. Also made deliveries and called in supply orders. June-August 1976 Unemployed Jan. 1974-Aug. 1975 Alice’s Restaurant, Colfax IL. Waitress and cashier
Sept. 1977- June 1980 Sept. 1976-June 1977 Sept. 1972-June 1976 Scholastic honors:
Technical training:
Illinois State University Will receive B.A. in English, June 19
  80. Baskerville Community College Octavia high School Earned a
  3.46 grade point average (on a
  4.0 scale). George Canning Scholarship in English Literature, 1979-
  80. Illinois State Scholarship, 1976-
  80. Attended a two-week seminar on “Advertising in Today’s Marketplace,” sponsored by College of Business and Mclean County Association of Commerce and Industry.
Personal Data
Age: Health: Memberships: Hobbies: 24 Married, no children Excellent Student Association for Women; Journalism Club (President, 1979-
  80) photography, swimming
Ms. Mary Gilbey, Owner of Gilbey’s Variety Store 555 S. Fifth Street Colfax IL61763 Phone: 309/7239999 Mr. Charles Harris Mr. Waldo Withersnorp Assoc.Prof. of English Advertising Manager Illinois State University Radio Station Normal IL 61761 WXYZ 112 Beaufort Avenue
Phone: 309/4369999
Suggested writing assignments
Read about writing skills“ Functional writing: application letters” from page101 to105 and on “Resumes” from page 137 to 1
  43. Write an application letter with a resume of yourself  


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