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Who you are A highly skilled, versatile and creative engineer with eight years experience in the automotive industry. What can you do Wide-ranging expertise in conducting financial audits for companies in the banking and insurance sector. What do you want Objective is to develop a career in business development and to make the move into management。
Source : Hays Hong Kong
1/F, Block A Successful Garden North Point Hong Kong 1 January 2007 Human Resources Manager XYZ International Company 13/F, 57 Rocky Road Hong Kong
Dear Sir / Madam,
Application for an Administrative Position I am writing to inquire if there is a vacancy in the Administrative Department. With my relevant working experience and educational background, I believe I am qualified for the position in your company. I am a fresh graduate of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in Business Administration. I am proficient in languages and know how to use various computer software for handling documents. Being attentive to details, I am able to work with people in any levels. In the summer vacation last year, I worked for a large food company as administrative assistant. In this summer job, I contributed to setting up proper work procedures for workers in mainland China to follow, and revising the HR system for the headquarters in Hong Kong.
At present, I am studying an MBA at the Chinese University of Hong Kong to further upgrade my knowledge in the field and plan to take other language course to enhance my language skills. Enclosed please find my resume for your reference. My contact number is 9898-76
  76. Feel free to contact me if you would like to meet me for an interview. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours faithfully, signature Peter Lee (Mr) Encl. Mary Wong ( 王小雯 ) Address: 2 /F Team Building, 3 Smooth Road, Hong Kong Phone (Office): 23456789 (mobile): 98765432 Email Address: xxx@xxx.com.hk
Career Objective To develop career in Public Relations Industry Education
2001 ? 2004 Hong Kong Baptist University, Bachelor of Social Sciences in Communication (specialization in Public Relations and Advertising)
Working Experience October 2004 to Present Public Relations Officer, XYZ Public Relations Co Ltd. Plan, organise and manage PR events, campaigns and activities Write/translate press releases and other promotional materials Develop relationship with the press
May to
Public Relations Assistant (Internship), ABA International Co
September Ltd. 2003 Liaise with production house and advertising agencies on
TVC production Liaise with vendors to provide technical support to clients
Extra-curricular Activities 2002 Chairman of Society of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University Professional Qualifications 2004 Member of Professional Marketing Association, Hong Kong Skills MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint Languages English (spoken and written), Cantonese, Putonghua Reference Available upon request Availability One month's notice
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Room 212 Building 343 Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084 (0
  10) 62771234 Email:good@tsinghua.edu.com Zheng Yan Objective To obtain a challenging position as a software engineer with an emphasis in software design and development. Education 19
  00.6 Dept.of Automation,Graduate School of Tsinghua University, M.E. 19
  97.7 Dept.of Automation,Beijing Insititute of Technology,B.E. Academic Main Courses Mathematics Advanced Mathematics Probability and Statistics Linear Algebra Engineering Mathematics Numerical Algorithm Operational Algorithm Functional Analysis Linear and Nonlinear Programming Circuit Principal Data Structures Digital Electronics Artificial Intelligence Computer Local Area Network
Computer Abilitees Skilledin use of MS Frontpage, Win 95/NT, Sun, Javabeans, HTML, CGI, JavaScript, Perl, Visual Interdev, Distributed Objects, CORBA, C, C++, Project 98, Office 97, Rational RequisitePro, Process,Pascal, PL/I and SQL software English Skills Have a good command of both spoken and written English .Past CET-6, TOEFL:623;GRE:2213 Scholarships and Awards 19
  99.3 Guanghua First-class Scholarship for graduate 19
  98.11 Metal Machining Practice Award 19
  97.4 Academic Progress Award Qualifications
General business knowledge relating to financial, healthcare Have a passion for the Internet, and an abundance of common sense 选择要应聘的工作后,必须看清招聘广告上所列出的每项要求,再将自己的学历,能力与兴趣 逐一与之比较,作一张 balance sheet. 例如,一则关于 marketing management trainee 和 job requirement 是这样写的: We are looking for a competent person to fill the captioned position: -University graduate major in Marketing Management. Prepared to develop career in the commercial field -Outgoing personality -Able to communicate at different levels -Good knowledge of PC operations -Proficiency in written and spoken English/Mandarin 那么你相应地考虑自己的 qualification 的选择和表述,就可以这样写(与上列各项对应): -University graduate with major in Marketing -Having actively participated in Business clubs activities and learned accounting and management -Good in communication with people and like a lot of out door activities, know how to tackle with people from all walks of life -Skillful in operating Words, Excel, Lotus1-2-3, etc -Fluent in English and Mandarin 这个方法的好处是可让求职者清楚了解该职位是否适合自己, 而本身资料又是否切合要求, 而且,明白了各项要求后,就可依据每一点在履历表上重点提出自己在该方面的强项.突出卖 点(selling point),将之放在最吸引人的地方,使招聘者一眼可见,有利于 present 自己. Job objective 事业目标 To begin as a Marketing Management Trainee, with opportunity to advance to executive level and contribute to the development of firm.


英文简历cv personal profile

  Who you are A highly skilled, versatile and creative engineer with eight years experience in the automotive industry. What can you do Wide-ranging expertise in conducting financial audits for companies in the banking and insurance sector. What do you ...


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