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Personal Information: Name Lijuyi Gender Male Chengdu Nationality Han Native Place Sichuan Province Academic degree level Bachelor Chengdu Hukou Sichuan Province Marital status Single Sichuan University Education of Science & Engineering Nationwide Computer Level Test Band English Level CET-6 IT 2 Electronic and Major Information engineering QQ Scientific research experience and achievement: Feb,2006?Now National Natural Science Fund Project——The energy extraction and engineering research of proportion pressure control of the underpit sagging drills hydraulic system, in charge of Multi-field coupling analysis and architecture model simulation of the system. 343787233 Height 172cm E-mail hongfenglangyu@1
  63.com Tel (+
  86)13795596553 Health condition Excellent Date of Birth 1987/3 Political status CPC member
Mar,2006Apr,2006 In charge of the transformation of FS79Z-100C(SM) dried noodles automatic formation hydraulic press in Fireproof Metallurgy Medicinal powder Factory of Wuhan Steel Corporation. Jul, 2005Oct, 2005 Participate in hydraulic pressure AGC project in Rolled Plate Factory of Wuhan Steel Corporation, using configuration software Simens wincc Software to carry on the layout monitoring contact surface, completing the debugging of the procedure and using simulation software AMESim of French AME Company to carry on the module simulation. Aug, 2005May, 2006 Participate in transformation project of hydraulic system of 1700 rolling roughing mill in Hot rolling Factory of Wuhan Steel Corporation, completing the design of hydraulic system and part shaping. All the achievements are on show in my personal Blog (http://heyrose.bokee.com) The adopted articles : 《Application of The Pro/Engineer In Hydraulic Valve Block Design》 MACHINE TOOL & HYDRAULICS Core) , ( Jan,20
  07; 《The application of BP neural network in labview》,MACHINERY(Core) Jul,20
The topic of Bachelor graduation thesis: 《Utilization of Ansys simulation software in compound materials》

  2. The topic of Master graduation thesis: 《The research of the energy extraction of the underpit sagging drills hydraulic system》-(P.s.Tentative)
Self Assessment:
Use CAXA and AUTOCAD skillfully and have applied them to the transformation project of hydraulic system of 1700 rolling roughing mill in Hot rolling Factory of Wuhan Steel Corporation. Use Pro/E skillfully and have applied them to the projects of Fireproof Metallurgy Medicinal powder Factory and
Hot rolling Factory of Wuhan Steel Corporation. Use fluid simulation software FLUENT and Ansys skillfully and have applied them to the National Natural
Use SIEMENS S7-300 and WINCC skillfully and have applied them to the project of Fireproof Metallurgy Medicinal powder Factory and hydraulic pressure AGC project. Be able to program using the VC++ higher order language and have applied it to the hydraulic pressure AGC Project. 、 Be able to use the Simulation softwareAMEsim and have applied it to hydraulic pressure AGC project in Rolled Plate Factory. I think you can get more information in my personal Blog
个人简历模板求职简历模板英文简历模板电子简历模板 My name is Xie Dong. I was born on August 25, 1965, in Hengyang, Hunan Province. In 1977 I graduated from Harbin Technical Institute where I majored in electronic engineering, and then I was assigned to work in an electronic apparatus factory as a technician for nine years. During this period I gained some practical experience in designing and manufacturing several varieties of electronic apparatus. In the fall of 1983, I was admitted to the Department of Mathematics, Zhejiang University as a graduate student. Six months before I took the examinations, I started to study higher algebra and analysis by myself in my leisure time. Since the enrollment I have completed all the courses required by the graduate program, making straight A both in my undergraduate and graduate courses. My performance in the graduate seminars of Differential Calculus and Mathematical and Physical Formulas shows that I have got a good grasp of the fundamentals of mathematics. I have been studying English intensively for six months. I have attended an English class taught by an American professor. Ms. Kathy Swift, from the City University of New York. According to her, within a few weeks of my arrival abroad, I should have no difficulty either in functioning on a daily basis or in participating fully in graduate studies. Presently I am interested in applied mathematics and later I would like to do research in control theory. If I am accepted as a graduate student. I plan to stay for 2-5 years pursuing a Ph.d. degree. I am sure I would make progress in my future career.
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Over eleven years of extensive computer/electronics experience.Versed in both digital and analog electronics withspecific emphasis on computer hardware/software.Special expertise in system and component evaluation.Network supervisor responsible for installing/maintaining Arcnet LAN system.Proficient in
assembly and C programming languages.Excelent communication skills including written,verbal and interpersonal.
Stevenson Data Systems,Los Angeles,CA 1981-1993
Components Evaluation Engineer 1992-1993
Responsible for the characterization and evaluation of, and approved vendors list for:Power supplies,oscillators,crystals,and programmable logic used in desktop and laptop computers.Evaluated and recommended quality components that increased product profitability.Created adn developed power supply test plan used for evqluating third party power supplies.Interacted with vendors to resolve problems associated with components qualification.Technical advisor for Purchasing.Promoted to engineer II.
Design Evaluation Engineer 1990-1992
Evaluated new computer product designs ,solving environmental problems on prototype computers.Conducted systems analysis on new computer profucts to ensure hardware,software and mechanical design integrity.Designed hardware and software for PC,ISA bus programmable load board used for environmental testing.Performed reliability lift testing on computer systems.Installed/maintained 20 user.Novell,Arcnet LAN system.Examined system and sub-system susceptibility to electrostatic discharge in order
to meet IEC-801-2 industry standards.Analyzed complete power and load of computer system and subsystem to verify power and load estimations.
Assistant Engineer 1981-1990
Performed extensive hardware evaluation ion prototype computers,tested prototype units for timing violation using the latest state-of-the-art test equipment,digital oscilloscopes and logic analyzers.Performed emvironmental,ESD and acoustic testing.Designed and built a power-up test used to test prototype computers during cold boot.
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
--University of Southern California 1990
Associate in Engineering Electronics
--University of Southern California 1981
Job descriptions emphasize candidate's accomploshments.
Work history is stated in reverse chronological order,with most recent employment listed first.
电子技术英文简历范文 Self-appraisal/Career Objectives Self-appraisal: teh vocation of electronic technology Job Target Current Industry: Electronics?Micro-electronics Current Job Category: Sales Working Experience: 3 year(s) Current Position Level: Mid Career(2+ years experience)Current Salary: monthly salary RMB 1800 pre-tax Desired Salary: Negotiable Target Industry: Medical Equipment, Internet ? e-Commerce, Instrument ? Industry Automation?Electicity, IT service?system integration, Energy?Water Conservancy Target Job Category: Customer Service Specialist ? Assistant, Customer Service Manager ? Supervisor, FAE( Field Application Engineer) Manager ? Supervisor, Sales Representative ? Account Manager ? Account Representative ? Sales associate, Technical Support?Maintenance Manager Desired Job Type: Full Time Target Location: Any Start Working: within 1 week Working Experience jasay Company Profile Company Profile: ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ONNN) is a leading global supplier of advanced semiconductors for power and data management applications. The company's innovative products drive the designs for increasingly sophisticated communications gear, computing plaON Semiconductor is a leading global supplier of advanced semiconductors for power and data management applications.
Type of Company: State-owned Company Size of Company: 1 - 49 E-mail:wdjlw@www.wdjlw.cn Mobile: 13888888888 Web Page:http://www.wdjlw.cn Date of Birth: 1980/05 Nationality: China HuKou: Guangxi Political Background: League member 2003/08 - 2006/08 engineerLocation: sale-after service center Responsibilities & Achievements: the developing of PIC and C51 sigel chip. I was in change of debugging for The communications system of speedway, the system of charge.the monitoring system. Writing The tender document and The construction scheme for the system of speedway. Education 1999/09 - 2003/07 guangxi university of technlogy controlling and measurment technlogy Electronic Information Science Bachelor Guanxi University of Technology (GUT), founded in 1956, is situated in theworld-famous scenic city of Guilin. The campus lies north of the Qixing (Seven-star) Park, the Li River meandering to the west. With an elegant environment featuring lush green trees, quiet and peaceful, the university is an ideal place for academic study and research. Language
English: Fluent Cantonese: Mother tongue Southern Fujian Dialect: Average Grade of English: Not PassedOral English: Fluent 一份地道英文简历必备要素 份地道的英文 简历 应该包括如下要素: A 言简意赅 Resume 部分不能超过两页纸,最好控制在一页纸之内。有英国科学家称,任何求职者 的 简历 都可以浓缩到一页纸上, 而且这个篇幅足够容纳个人的卓越经历, 因为人生每个阶 段的目标不同,个人展示的侧重点也有很大变化。 B 强化优势 近来,海选都是通过网上筛选关键词来决定的,专业、GPA、名次、 英语 能力、自我 评价,甚至是行文表述上都有关键词,所以求职者一定要在这几个方面下功夫,在情况属实 的前提下,仔细加工。如果导师是泰斗,就一定要强化在导师的指导下进行的工作,如果 GPA 很高,那么开门见山就把这一项写出。 C 彰显个性 所谓"resume",强调在"me"这个词上,所以 简历 一定要突出个性。如果人云亦云,很 容易被淹没在简历的海洋中, 每个人经历都不同, 所以在具体操作时, 一定要强化自身优势, 突出与所申请职位最契合的气质。另外,简历的抬头不要再写所谓" 个人简历 "、" 求职信 "这类标题了。开门见山把自己的名字写上,这既是自信的表现,同时也是尊重招聘者。 D 注意关键词 简历中有很多关键词和特殊用法有其特定表达方式,不宜乱用。比如,internship(学 期实习) 、part-time(兼职)等。 E 必备信息 简历应该涵盖一份合格英文简历必备的信息, 包括个人基本情况、 教育经历、 工作经历、 获奖状况、兴趣爱好和自我评价等。对于专业是基础学科,并且有志于研究性工作的同学, 可以把科研经历强化。
英文简历范本 1 RESUME Kelly Wang Sex: Female English:TEM8 Nantong University Mob: 013055686022 kellylighting@sohu.com Born: Oct.18, 1982 Computer: Level-3 Major: English Graduated: July, 2004 Excellent Health
  04.7 English Major in Nantong University Vice president of Student Union, Vice president of Singing Association of Foreign Language Department
Good command of English, effective written and oral communication
TEM 8Band 8 certificate, BEC vantage Business English of Cambridge Award in the oral English competition in Nantong University.
Proficient in the operation of Excel, Word and such kind of office software effectively
Sept 2003?Feb, 2004 Jiangsu Provincial Publishing House Job title: Interpreter ( part time Job)
Mar 2004?Oct, 2005 ZheJiang Yongkang Vehicle CO.,LTD Job title: Senior Merchandiser
Responsible for exploring export market, handling the whole project of exporting mini motorcycles, Establishing good business relationship with my foreign customers by e-business, Canton Fair and other channels
Handle shipping documents and tax refund of all orders in export department Contracted with 2 new clients successfully after Canton Fair in October
n n n n n n n n n n n n n n Handling export order with profit and long-term development orientation Specific goal to sign the contract in my mind by flexible method Can master knowledge necessary for the position in the shortest time
  1.5 years’ experience to do business with many kinds of people, communicate with foreign clients directly Handling complicated relationship during business with market orientation Fluent spoken and



  Personal ResumePersonal Information: Name Lijuyi Gender Male Chengdu Nationality Han Native Place Sichuan Province Academic degree level Bachelor Chengdu Hukou Sichuan Province Marital status Single Sichuan University Education of Science & Engin ...


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  对枣阳城区信用社业务发展情况的调查与分析 对枣阳城区信用社业务发展情况的调查与分析为了掌握和了解城区农信社业务管理和发展状况,不断提高城区业务 管理水平,加快城区业务发展,为领导部门决策提供依据,按照省联社调 查方案要求,我们及时对枣阳市城区信用社展开了调查,现将其调查情况 报告如下。 一、成立专班 为了真实反映本次调查结果,及时组成以理事长为组长,各科室负责 人为成员的专门调查小组, 负责对枣阳城区五社一部 (南城、 北城、 环城、 开发区、巨星、营业部)和一个金融超市进行了调查。本次调查的主 ...


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