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初一英语词组和习惯用语复习训练 初一英语词组和习惯用语复习训练 英语
Unit 1 词组和习惯用语 pay for 付钱 think of 认为,想起 finish doing 完成,做完 encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励…做… used to 过去常常 on the shelf 在架子上 Unit2 词组和习惯用语 have a try 尝试 be famous for 以…而著名 no matter 不管 both…and… 和…都 come true 实现 step into 进入 a crowd of 一批 not only…but also… 不但…而且 speak highly of 称赞(某人) Unit3 词组和习惯用 be afraid of 害怕 protect the environment 保护环境 as soon as 一…就… base on 以…为根据 all one's life 一生 make a contribution to 贡献给,捐献 Unit4 词组和惯用法 as soon as possible 尽快 keep doing sth. 一直做… wake up 醒来 right now 现在 Unit5 词组和惯用法 decide to do sth. 决定做某事 walk along think about 沿…走 考虑 at the airport 在飞机场 Unit6 词组和惯用法 have an accident 出事故 clear up 清除,收拾干净 take park in 参加 thousands of 成千上万 encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励,激励某人 Unit7 词组与惯用法
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come up with 提供,提出 pick up 拾起,捡起 sooner or later 迟早 fill in 填写,装满 in the schoolyard 在校园里
all over the world 全世界 neither… nor 既不,也不… give up 放弃 ever since 从那时起,此后一直 set off 出发 slow down 减慢 be proud of 以…而骄傲 so far 到现在为止 have / take … off 休假 a piece of music 一首乐曲 improve the environment 改善环境 plant trees 种树 do well in 在…做得好 cut down 砍倒
all kinds of 各种各样 fall / fast asleep (很快)入睡 hurry up 赶快
do by oneself 自己做 the second largest 第二大 go straight along 沿…笔直走 have a good time 过得愉快 be amazed at 对…感到惊讶 on earth 在地球上 as long as 长达,达…之久 stop doing.停止做某事
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be able to 能会 give up 放弃 try out 试验,尝试 teach sb. to do sth. 教某人做某事 at the age of 在…岁时 see sb. doing sth. 看见某人做某事 so …that 如此…以致 think more of 看重,重视 tell / ask sb. to do sth. 告诉/要某人做某事 Unit8 词组与惯用法 put up 挂起,举起 even though 即使 live on 继续存在,继续活着 at last 终于,最后 at the top of 在…顶部 no longer 不再 spend …doing …花费…做… Unit9 词组与惯用法: 词组与惯用法: be made in 在…生产或制造 be used for 用于 all over the world 全世界 Unit10 词组和惯用法 on show 展览 on display 陈列 human being 人类 in the old days 从前 Unit11 词组和惯用法 so that 以便,以致 run away 流失,逃跑 point to 指向 thanks to 由于,幸亏 hand in 交上来 Tree Planting Day 植树节 as often as possible 尽可能多地 the Great Green Wall 绿色长城 in a few years' time 几年后 Unit12 词组和惯用法 point at 指示,指向 shut down 把…关上 travel / go round …绕…转 all the time 一直,总是 connect …to … 把…连接到… space ships without people 不载人宇宙飞船
come up with 想出,找出 work on 继续工作 have nothing to do with 与…无关 became interested in 对…产生兴趣 start doing 开始做 rush out 冲出去 open up 开放 turn down 关小,调低
as well 也,又,同样地 once upon a time 从前,很早以前 give birth to 生(孩子) fill …with 把…填满 can't wait to do 迫不及待地做… according to 根据 be made of 由…组成,由…构成 a TV set 一台电视机
hundreds of 数以百计 a group of 一群(组) be covered with 被…覆盖 be filled with 被装满 hear of 听说 in this way 用这种方法 far away 很远,遥远 the more the better 越多越好 more or less 多少有点… knock …into 把…插进 keep…from 阻止…做 millions of 成百万的 in / out of class 课内/外 send up 发射 set one's mind to do…一心想做… so far 到现在为止 put off 推迟,拖延 make telephone calls 打电话
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learn more about the earth. 了解关于地球的更多情况 with one's help. / with the help of 在…帮助下
【模拟试题】(答题时间:70 分钟) 模拟试题】
一. 选择填空(30 分) ( )
  1. Every student in our class has good progress since last term. A. made B. taken C. done D. got ( )
  2. ?Excuse me, can you tell me the answer to this question? --Sorry, I can't do it. I have to about it. A. talk B. think C. write D. worry ( )
  3. ?Why do students in your school wear glasses? --All the students here do eyes exercises three times a day. A. few you . A. listen, listen A. on A. afford B. listen, hear C. hear, listen D. hear, hear B. off B. get C. up C. give D. down D. leave ( )
  5. Would you turn your radio a little? Your sister is writing her composition now. ( )
  6. ?Robert, I can't draw the sign well on the blackboard. Could you me a hand? ( )
  7.--Have they found a way to stop the flu in the school? --Yes, they have already up with an idea. A. looked A. give A. Neither A. put A. hardly B. None B. sat B. strongly C. Nor C. cut C. loudly D. No one D. slowed D. quickly ( )
  10.Every driver down at the corner of the track because it's dangerous to keep fast. ( )
  11.You'd better stay at home. The wind is blowing at the moment. ( )
  12.?Have you ever part in any TV program? --Yes, I made a speech in an interview about how to spend my spare time. A. done B. made C. taken D. become ( )
  13. ?Have you bought any magazines for computer? --Yes, I two new ones yesterday. A. was getting they now? --Maybe you've put them in the pencil-box. A. is B. are C. was D. will be ( )
  15.The teacher told the pupils loudly at the cinema。
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B. some
C. many
D. most
( )
  4. Now class, we're going to watch a cartoon film. Please carefully and tell me what
B. put B. keep
C. come C. bring
D. get D. put
( )
  8. It can you fit to do enough exercise and drink more water every day. ( )
  9. ?Which is your favourite sport? Swimming, surfing or diving?
B. got
C. have got
D. had get
( )
  14. ?There a pencil sharpener and several colour pencils on my desk. But where are
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A. not speak
B. speak not
C. not to speakD. to not speak C. So Jane is. D. So is Jane C. so D. so a
( )
  16.Both Mary and I think our English teacher is the most popular at school. . A. So does Jane. B. So Jane does. A. such B. such a ( )
  17.It's wonderful fashion show on TV that everyone enjoys it very much. ( )
  18.?I'm terribly sorry, I can't go hiking with you this Sunday. --It's Ok. We can go together next time. A. so B. but C. and D. or ( )
  19.?Why does Tina look so today? --She has got 99 in her driving test. A. happy supper. A. are covering B. are covered C. cover ( )
  21.?How deep shall I dig the hole? --The hole should be . A. two metres deep C. two metre deep ( )
  22.?I failed in my English exam last term. --! A. Take care B. You're wrong C. Excuse me D. What a pity ( )
  23.Excuse me, do you know ? A. where our teacher lives C. where lives our teacher A. None B. Both B. our teacher lives where D. where does teacher live C. Neither D. Either B. two-metre deep D. two-metre-deep D. have covered B. happier C. happiest D. happily ( )
  20.Both sides of Green Road with grass and trees and many people go there after
( )
  24. of my parents is in. They are having their holiday in France ( )
  25.?What is the population of this city? --It's about two million. But more than one third of the population here businessmen. A. are A. shall we B. is C. were B. should we C. can you D. was D. will you ( )
  26.Let us play basketball after school, ? ( )
  27. ?How is the weather tomorrow? --I don't know if it tomorrow. --Well, if it , I won't go out with you. A. will rain, will rain C. rains, will rain A. Thousand of C. Thousands of A. don't I B. do they B. rains, rains D. will rain, rains B. Three thousands D. Three thousand of C. don't they D. do I
( )
  28. trees were planted in this area last year.
( )
  29.Don't worry. I think your parents know little about it, ? ( )
  30.He hasn't decided on a trip to Canada.
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A. if he will go C. if he goes 二. 用动词的正确形式填空.(10 分)
B. when will he go D. when does he go

  1. I didn't want(do) my homework while my parents (watch) TV.
  2. There are many shops (sell) all kinds of things at the station.
  3. Is there anything for me (eat)? I (not have) my breakfast yet.
  4. It is very dangerous for the children (play) football in the street.
  5. Listen! They (sing) happily.
  6. ?I'm sorry to have kept you (wait). --It doesn't matter. I just (arrive) five minutes ago.
  7. The PLA (found) on August 1st, 19
  8. you (keep) plants at home?
  9. The train (leave) when we (get) to the station yesterday.
  10. A tall girl (name) Susan (teach)us PE next term. 三. 用方框内所给词的适当形式填空(20 分) A. invent safe health build cover die fail proud describe twenty

  1. World Trade Center is one of the most famous in Beijing.
  2. Look! The young trees are . Let's water them at once.
  3. These days eating food is very important to people.
  4. The ground with snow after the snow stopped.
  5. The boy knew much about history, so he knew many in history.
  6. His of the mountain made us interested in it.
  7. When we cross the road, we must pay attention to .
  8. Young people should become the of our country.
  9. By the century, our country had been open up to the world for twenty years.
  10. We should be confident in ourselves, we shouldn't be afraid of any . B. try out , rush out, clean up, do well, make a contribution to, ever since, give up, think of, think about, pay for
  1. We haven't his name because we haven't seen each other for ten years.
  2. I haven't decided how to do it next, I it now.
  3. Thanks for protecting the environment.
  4. Sorry, I forgot the books.
  5. Li Lei in swimming than us.
  6. To our joy, my father smoking.
  7. He has been asleep last night.
  8. When we got to his house, he of the room.
  9. If his room is very dirty, he the rubbish at once.
  10. If we want to study chemistry better, new ideas is very necessary.
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四. 补全对话,写出缺少的句子.(10 分) A A: Good morning, sir. ? B: I'd like to buy a blue jacket. Do you have any blue jackets? A: Yes, ? B: I want Size M. A: Here you are. B: Can I try it on? A: Sure. Is it all right? B: Yes, I like it very much. . A: 360 yuan. B: That's a bit expensive. Do you have any other kind? I want a cheaper one. A: What about this one? It's only 120 yuan. B: OK, . Here's the money. A: . Goodbye, sir. B A: Good morning, doctor. B: Good morning. , young man? A: I've got a headache and a running nose. B: ? A: For about a week. B: I see. . A: Is it serious, doctor? B: No, there is , but . A: Injection? Oh, no! It's painful. I prefer to take medicine. B: OK. Take the medicine three times a day and you'll be soon. 五. 句型转换(10 分) A. 将下列合并成含宾语从句的复合句.
  1. I will be back in a week.( He said )
  2. How long have they been in New York? (I wondered)
  3. What do you think of Thomas Edison?(I asked her)
  4. Did you go to Summer Palace last weekend? ( Could you tell me)
  5. How often do you have your hair cut? ( I wanted to know )
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【试题答案】 试题答案】
  1. A
  11. B
  16. A
  21. A
  26. D 二.
  1. to do, were watching
  4. to p



  本学期是我担任小学英语教学工作的第一个学期。 在小学英语教学方面可以说是 毫无经验。我一直认为小学英语教学是小菜一碟。事实上,不是如此而已。在本 学期的教学中,我深深地感到教小学英语之难之累。正因为如此,我严格遵从教 学的五个环节,课前认真备课,做到既备教材,又备学生,因材施教,努力实施 课堂改革,积极探索小学英语快乐课堂,小学阶段英语教学的目的是:激发学生 学习英语的兴趣,培养学生学习英语的积极性,使他们树立学习英语的自信心, 同时培养学生一定的语感和良好的语音、语调基础,为进一步学习打下基础 ...


  七年级下册英语词组,语法重点总结期末复习Unit 1 Where’s your pen pal from? 一.短语: 1、be/come from:来自 2、live in Paris:住在巴黎 3、write to me soon:快点给我写信 4、play sports:运动、锻炼 5、speak a little French:讲一点法语 6、like going to the movies with my friends: 喜欢和我的朋友去看电影 7、tell sb about...告 ...


  七年级英语下册Unit 1Where is your pen pal from?导学 1【学习目标】 学习目标】Section A 1a--Grammar focus1.学会一些国家和城市的英文名称,:会用所学知识,询问和回答人们来自哪里。 2.学会理解和尊重异国文化. 【学法指导】 学法指导】 1、联系生活学习英语。敢于用英语表达,用英语进行交际。 2、听力策略:A. 放松心情。B. 注意关键字 【课前准备】 准备一张世界地图. 课前准备】 【学习过程】 学习过程】 一、预习指导与检测 (一) ...


  2010 年七年级下册英语教学计划陈泰娥一、本学期的指导思想 这个学期虽然我被告知我只教一个班, 但是我却觉得担子好沉重哦。 这个班虽 然绝大数同学都是成绩优秀的, 但还是有少数同学学习缺乏自觉性, 养成惰性, 成绩偏差。所以本人在本学期的英语教学中,坚持以下理念的应用: 1、要面向全体学生,关注每个学生的情感,激发他们学习英语的兴趣,帮助 他们建立学习的成就感和自信心,培养创新精神; 2、整体设计目标,体现灵活开放,目标设计以学生技能,语言知识,情感态 度,学习策略和文化意识的发展为基础; 3 ...


  七年级下册英语语法点总结(1)2010-07-0615:13七年级下册英语语法点总结(1)Unit 1 Where’s your pen pal from?一.短语: 1 .be from = come from 来自于2. live in 居住在--3. on weekends 在周末 4 .write to sb = write a letter to sb 给某人写信; 写信给某人 5 .in the world 在世界上 6.pen pal 笔友 in China 在中国14 years ...


  七年级下册英语作文复习试卷(一) 假设你有一位笔友广州,请把他介绍给你的同学。 姓名`年龄`国籍`语言`学校`爱好`家庭等) ( I have a pen pal in Guangzhou, China. He is Andrew King. He is 15 years old and his birthday is on October 19. He lives in Guangzhou. He thinks China is a very interesting country. He c ...


  梦幻网络( http://www.7139.com ) 数百万免费课件下载,试题下载,教案下载,论文范文,计划总结周维清他们这边 周维清他们这边, 众人已经迅速做出了反应, 林天熬身形一闪, 周维清他们这边, 众人已经迅速做出了反应, 林天熬身形一闪, 就冲到了周维清面前,本命珠释放而出。 就冲到了周维清面前,本命珠释放而出。能让周维清狼狈逃回 来的对手,又岂会普通? 来的对手,又岂会普通?乌鸦也扯着马群来到周维清另一边, 乌鸦也扯着马群来到周维清另一边,上官菲儿则是腾身而 起,以她那天不怕、地 ...


  初 一 英语(下)各类作文范文 Unit 1 背教材第五页 3a 3b 根据个人实际情况写一则征笔友启事,启事中要做适当的自我介绍,例如:姓名,年龄,国家,现居住地, 爱好,最喜欢的科目(电影,运动.. .)想找怎样的笔友等. 1,Dear friend , I'm Liu Fang .I'm 14 years old .I'm in HuiLi ,China . I have no brothers or sisters in my family. I can speak Chinese an ...


  七年级下册英语默写单词表(人教版) 七年级下册英语默写单词表(人教版)★清华大学★英语系测试:为中 清华大学★英语系测试: 学英语量身定做. 学英语量身定做. 量身定做 官 方 网 站 :15.东京 16.居住 17.语言 18.日本的;日本人,日语http://qinghua.yeryy.com/ 清华大学英语教授 清华大学英语教授 50 年研究成 果七年级下册英语单词默写 Unit 1 23.邮件 1.朋友,伙伴 24.办公室 2.笔友 3.加拿大 1.邮局 4.法国 2.图书馆 5.日本 ...


  小学英语三年级下册教学工作总结 本学期,我主要担任是三年级的英语教学工作,现就结合本人的工作实践,谈谈我在教学中的点滴体会: 一、营造活跃的学习氛围,激发学生的学习兴趣,能提高教学效率。 爱因斯坦曾说过:“兴趣是最好的老师”。因此,培养、提高、保持学生的学习兴趣是提高学生学习成绩的首要条 件。基于这一点,我在教学中比较注重激发学生的学习兴趣,通过运用各种教学方法、设计形式多样的活动,为学生 营造一个民主、平等、宽松、和谐的学习氛围,让学生在这种氛围中充分发挥自己的智慧,激发他们的学习兴趣,从 而 ...



  2010 网管培训专题之 基础培训网管培训教材-如果里面的你都会的话就可以月薪 5000 了 上一章节内容回顾: 上一章节内容回顾: http://www.58lan.com/soft/sort010/sort050/downhttp://www.58lan.com/soft/sort010/sort050/down-1366.html 电脑这个行业的发展是非常迅速的,一夜之间可以开发出几百个小软件,我们根 本无法说学会所有应用软件的使用方法, 只能是掌握一个学习这些软件的方法而 已。真正的高手 ...

为煤销储备人才 为人才搭建平台

  为煤销储备人才为人才搭建平台??剖析高平煤运西南庄煤焦销售营业站人才培养模式《尚书》中最早提出“任官惟贤才”《三国志》中有一句名言: ; “功以才成, 业由才广” ,人才是成就事业的关键因素;被称做“经营之神”的日本著名企业 家松下幸之助说: “国家的兴盛在于人,国家的灭亡亦在于人,经营事业的成败, 不容讳言,与治国同一道理,在于人事安排是否合宜” 。新经济环境下,企业越 来越明白人才储备的重要作用。 煤销企业正处在资源整合、 转型发展的关键时期, 各方面专业人才更显珍贵。 “人才荒” 当 成为 ...


  减词法: 减词法:1) 省略重复词语. 改革开放是历史的创举,改革开放是历史的必然,改革开放是未来的明灯. The reform and opening up is a pioneering undertaking, and inevitable trend in history, and the lighthouse for the future. 各级领导干部要始终注意讲学习,讲政治,讲正气. Leading cadres at all levels should always stress ...


  大学生创业计划书是一份全方位的商业计划, 其主要用途是递交给投资商, 以便于他们能对 企业或项目做出评判,从而使企业获得融资。创业计划书有相对固定的格式,它几乎包括反 映投资商所有感兴趣的内容。从企业成长经历、产品服务、市场、营销、管理团队、股权 从企业成长经历、产品服务、市场、营销、管理团队、 从企业成长经历 结构、组织人事、财务、运营到融资方案 结构、组织人事、财务、运营到融资方案。只有内容详实、数据丰富、体系完整、装订精 致的商业计划书才能吸引投资商, 让他们看懂您的项目商业运作计划, 才 ...


  各位领导、各位同事: 大家好! 在这里我以平常人的心态, 参与支行综合办公室经理岗位的竞聘。 首先应感谢支行领导为我 们创造了这次公平竞争的机会!此次竞聘,本人并非只是为了当官,更多的是为了响应人事 制度改革的召唤,在有可能的情况下实现自己的人生价值。我现年**岁,中共预备党员,大 专文化程度,会计师专业技术职称。*年在枝江市供销社参加工作,先后作营业员、门市部 主任、统计员。*年调入枝江市总工会,担任图书管理员、出纳员、会计、财务、办公室副 主任,计财科副科长。 经过几年银行工作的锻炼,使自己 ...