15th April, 2010 Dear Madam or Sir, I am writing to apply for admission to pursue a master’s degree in Design and Manufacturing of Composite Material Articles in Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU). My name is Xu Lei, a 22-year-old senior, majoring in Special System Engineering, from School of Mechanical Engineering of Nanjing University of Sci&Tech(NUST). And I will get my bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering in June. When still a freshman, I was enrolled in the Honor Class, made up of 80 outstanding students chosen from over 1,000 students of the same grade, for my excellent performances in the final exams, and I have since got scholarships almost every semester, which is attributed to my hard and efficient work. I hope to continue my study in Bauman University, because, for one thing, I am fascinated about mechanical engineering, especially Design and Manufacturing of Composite Material Articles, yet, more importantly, Bauman University is among the most top-notch Universities in the world and an ideal place to study engineering. In addition, I hope I could begin my study in September 2010 and finish the all the courses in 3 years. With regard to language, I have actually learned the ABCs of Russian by myself and found the language really interesting, so I will continue to learn Russian to lay a solid foundation for further study abroad. I am confident that I will do well in my studies with my enthusiasm and keen interest in the major as well as my diligence at work. I am firmly convinced that your admission will be my first step of success. With this in mind, I hereby submit my application, and await your favorable reply。
Best regards, Yours sincerely, Xu Lei School of Mechanical Engineering Nanjing University of Science and Technology Email:sfmanliebe@1
Personal information:
Name: Xu Lei Nationality: Gender: Male Birth date: Mobile Phone: 86-18912948660 E-mail: sfmanliebe@1
  63.com Address: School of Mechanical Engineering, Nanjing University of Science & Technology (Zip:2100
  94) China Sept.3, 1987
2006/9-2010/6 2003/9-2006/7 Bachelor’s degree of Mechanical Engineering, Nanjing University of science & technology Middle school of Wenshan in Weifang, Shandong Province
English: excellent in both spoken and written English, passed Colledge English Test-Band 6 and China Aptitude Test for Translators and Interpreters Computer Abilities: Experienced in C++ language Experienced in AutoCAD, Pro/E and Matlab The second grade computer test of Jiangsu Province(software)
Awards and Honors:
First-class Scholarship in NUST for once Second-class Scholarship in NUST for three times Third-class Scholarship in NUST for twice Member of Honor Class in NUST Bronze prize in Competition of Structural Design in NUST
Self-Summary: :
Personality: Passionate, Diligent , Confident , Good team spirit
transcript Courses credits Mathematical Analysis 6 Mathematical Modeling 2 Numerical Analysis 2 Electrical Engineering 3 C++ Language and Programming 4 Linear Algebra 3 Analogical & digital Electronics 5 Probability & Statistics 3 Information Technology 3 Advanced Mathematics 5 Principle of Micro-computer 3 Functions of Complex Variables & 3 Integral Transformation Control Engineering 2 Sensor Technology and Applications 3 Theoretical Mechanics 4 Mechanics of Materials 4 Interchangeability and Measurement 2 Technology Mechanical Engineering Design(Ⅰ)
  2.5 Mechanical Engineering Design(Ⅱ)
  3.5 Mechanical Manufacturing Process(Ⅰ) 3 Mechanical Manufacturing Process(Ⅱ) 2 Engineering Drawing(Ⅰ) 3 Engineering Drawing(Ⅱ)
  2.5 Fluid Mechanics 2 Structure and Function of Modern Fuze 3 Fuze Engineering 2 Objective Detecting and Discerning 3 Gas dynamics
  2.5 Physics(Ⅰ)
  3.5 Physics(Ⅱ)
  3.5 Modern Physics 2 Optimal Design Theory 2 Finite Element Analysis 3 Chemistry 2 mark 80 87 78 87
  90.5 70 83 97 70 85 89 83 87 84 80 85 90 84 82 88 88 85 82 81 88 85 84 84 79 84 82 80 88 80 class hours 96 32 32 48 64 48 80 48 48 80 48 48 32 48 64 64 32 40 56 48 32 48 40 32 48 32 48 40 56 56 32 32 48 32
  3.5 English(Ⅱ)
  3.5 English(Ⅲ)
  3.5 English(Ⅳ)
  3.5 Introduction of New Materials Technology 2 Thermodynamics
  2.5 Engineering materials and molding 3 process Experimental Technique of Special 2 Machinery C++ Programming Experiment 1 Mechanical Design Experiment 3 Physics Experiment(Ⅰ)
  1.5 Physics Experiment(Ⅱ)
  1.5 Engineering Mechanics Experiment 1 Metalworking 3 Electrical Experiment 2 Curriculum Design 2 Advanced Manufacturing Practice 1 Total credits:1
  41.5 Total class
90 90 83 90 77 87 85 82 B B B A 90 B B B A hours:2264
56 56 56 56 32 40 48 32 16 48 24 24 16 48 32 32 16  



  15th April, 2010 Dear Madam or Sir, I am writing to apply for admission to pursue a master’s degree in Design and Manufacturing of Composite Material Articles in Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU). My name is Xu Lei, a 22-year-old senio ...


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