高二英语 提高与巩固练习【3】

高二英语 提高与巩固练习【
二、语法题大集合【做题的时候不能查任何字典,把有疑问的圈出来,全部做完后 Check】
  1. beauty of picture doesn’t only depend only on its subject but its style. A. / …a B. / …the C. The … the D. The …a
  2. The town we once lived in has grown into a big city, which is what it used to be. A. twice as the size as B. twice the size larger than C. twice as large as D. three times large as
  3. When the owner of the shop stole into the shopping hall from the side door, he was surprised to find that all the staff busy talking instead of working. A. are B. / C. was D. were
  4. In modern times, we don’t need to go to the library to search for information we should decades ago. A. like B. for C. since D. as
  5. There a variety of books in the second-hand store which is not far away from home. A. seem to have B. seems to have C. seem to be D. seems to be
  6. The professor could hardly find sufficient grounds his arguments in favor of the new theory. A. to be based on B. to base on C. which to base on D. on which to base
  7. by a group of onlookers, he felt upset and left without saying goodbye to us all. A. Been watching B. Watching C. Having watched D. Being watched
  8. His ability has never been in doubt?the question is he is prepared to work hard enough. A. whether B. if C. that D. where
  9. The American mother began to cry she read the letter from her son in Iraq A. while B. the moment C. suddenly D.momentarily
  10. , Moran Zhang studies hard and has been admitted to Jiaoda University without taking College Entrance Examination. A. As she is quite young B. As young she is C. Young as she is D. Young although she is
  11. , the climbers would try their best to reach its top without the aid from other people A. However the mountain might be high B. No matter the mountain might be high C. No matter how the mountain might be high D. However high the mountain might be.
  12. seems unbelievable to them is a camel can walk for days without eating anything。
A. It …that B. What …why C. What …that D. That …how
  13.There used to be no deer in the forest, but now they are very in it. A. alive…common B. living… usual C. live… ordinary D. living…common
  14. Many a delegate was in favor of his proposal that a special committee to investigate the incident. A. be set up B. set up C. was set up D. were set up
  15. After drinking each other’s health, we began to dance the music. A. to… to B. for… with C. for… for D. to…with
  16. The shelters the farmers the spiders enable them to survive cold winter. A. with what… provide B. to which …provide C. which … supply to D. with that … supply
  17. You will be told when the book you want to borrow from the library . A. comes in access B. becomes available C. draws near D. is vacant
  18. That was the very room Lu Shun one of the most famous writers completed the great works of his. A. where B. here C. there D. that
  19. The top of the tree together with many of its branches blown off by the wind last night A. were B. have been C. was D. have
  20. Nowhere else in the world cheaper tailoring that in that old town. A. can a tourist find B. a tourist will find C. a tourist can find D. a tourist has found
  21. that Mr. Brent got such rare master pieces of the famous painters? A. When and where was it B. When and where it was C. Was it when and where D. When and where were it
  22. After graduation from the college he will be really considering himself to these children of the poor mountain village. A. to devote…teaching B. devoting… teaching C. devoting… teach D. to devote… to teach
  23. Would you be kind enough to remain with your feet and hands inside vehicle while the trolley bus is moving to the destination? A. sitting B. seating C. seated D. sat 24 Our government shows great concern to people who suffer earthquake and promises that food supply will till they rebuild their home and lead a normal life. A. hold out B. hold off C. hold up D. hold on to 25 If you set up your gold and start your preparations as early as possible, you will achieve your to become one of the most famous scientists in the future. A. intention B. ambition C. mood D. desire

  26. ? Do you want tea or coffee? ?. I really don't mind. A. None B. Neither C. Either D. All
  27. In my view, London's not as expensive in price as Tokyo but Tokyo isin traffic. A. the most organized B. more organized C. so organized as D.as organized as
  28. ? Do you know if Terry will go camping this weekend? ?Terry? Never! Shetents and fresh air! A. has hated B. hated C. will hate D. bates
  29. According to the air traffic rules, youswitch off your mobile phone before bearding. A. may B. can C. would D. should
  30. My sister, an inexperienced rider, was found sitting on the bicycleto balance it. A. having tried B. trying C. to try D. tried
  31. ? Are you ready for Spain? ? Yes. 1 want the girls to experience thatthey are young. A. while B. until C. if D. before
  32. In recent years many football clubsas business to make a profit. A. have run B. have been run C had been run D. will run
  33. If there's a lot of work. I'm happy to just keep on until it is finished. A. to do B. to be doing C. done D. doing
  34. As his best friend. I can make accurate guesses abouthe will do or think. A. what B. which C. whom D. that
  35. Something as simple assome cold water may clear your mind and relieve pressure. A. to drink B. drinking C to be drinking D. drunk
  36. It has been provedeating vegetables in childhood helps to protect you against serious illnesses in later life. A. if B. because C. when D. that
  37. Ideallyfor Broadway theatres and Firth Avenue, the AVw York Park hotel is n favounte with many guests. A. locating B. being located C. having been located D. located
  38. We went through a periodcommunications were very difficult in the rural areas. A. wtach B.whose C. in which D. with which
  39. So much of interestthat most visitors simply run out of time before seeing it all. A. offers Beijing B. Beijing offers C. does Beijing offer D. Beijing does offer
  40.well prepared you are, you still need a lot of luck in mountain climbing. A. However B. Whatever C. No matter D. Although
  41. The two sportsmen congratulated each otherwinning the match by shaking hands. A. with B. on C. in D. to
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  高中二年级英语知识点总汇第五册(总课时 72) Unit 1 Great scientists(总课时 18) ( )一、 课文知识详解(8 课时) 1. John snow defeats “king cholera” 2. Copernicus’ revolutionary theory 通过对上述两篇课文的分析,总结出以下知识点: 1) 重点词汇(如 characteristic 等,通过举例子、还原于原文中进行 理解性记忆) 2) 重点词组 (put forward 等,在例子中进行识记 ...


  2009 学年-2010 学年年度英语 教学工作总结高二英语:李瑾 日期:2010-6-222009 学年-2010 学年年度英语教学工作总结这学年我担任初高二级 5 班,6 班英语教学。在工作中从各方面严格要求自己,勤勤恳 恳,兢兢业业,使教学工作有计划,有组织,有步骤地开展。立足现在,放眼未来,为使今 后的工作取得更大的进步,现对本学期教学工作做出总结,希望能发扬优点,克服不足,总 结经验教训,以促进教学工作更上一层楼。 一、认真备课,注重反思。“凡事预则立,不预则废”。教学中,备课是一个必 ...


  高二英语教学心得李京兵 2010-1-20这是我踏上清华园学校以来的第二个年头,好在有学校领导同事的帮助,已经使 我很快的适应了这里的环境与工作。 由于工作环境的转变以及我还有所匮乏的教 学经验,半学期教学中,我感触颇多。在这里,就谈谈我这段时间的教学心得。 首先,了解学情,有的放矢。 无论是老师之于学生,还是学生之于老师,双方感觉都既陌生又新奇。怎样 尽快的了解学生,并使学生适应我的教学方式,是我面临的第一个问题。就此, 我从班主任那里得到了两个班上学期的考试成绩表,并分析学生层次,记忆学生 ...


  高二英语教师工作总结这一学年来,本人担任高二 英语教师,在相互认识了之后,积极地去了解 学生, 摸清学生的学习基础,以便“因材施教”。本人在教学中认真备课、上课、 听课,及时批改作业、 讲评作业,做好课后辅导工作,广泛涉猎各种知识,形成比较 完整的知识结构,严格要求学生,尊重学生,发扬教学民主,使学生学有所得,从而 不断提高自己的教学水平和思想觉悟,并顺利完成教育教学任务。下面是本人对 本学年教学工作的一个总结: 具体工作措施: 一.教学方面: 1、认真研究新课程标准,尤其是在教法上,要改变过去 ...


  2008 英语教学工作总结 本学期我担任高二 5,6 班的英语教学工作,转眼间一学期的教学工作即将结束,现将本学 期的工作情况作如下总结: 教学是就是教与学两部分,两者相互联系,不可分割。学生是被教授的主体,了解和分析学 生的情况,有针对性的教是教学成功与否的关键。通过与学生一年来相处,对于学生的英语 水平有了较深的了解,尤其是对于学生在英语听、说、读、写四项技能的基本情况有了全面 性的了解,这对我在平常的教学备课,上课,课后反思中有极大的帮助。 学生的英语听、说能力较为较弱,授课采用全英教学, ...


  高二英语水平考试练习四一,单项选择1. Who is girl in a red skirt? Oh, that’s my sister, Selina. A. a , 2. B. an C. the D. / Mr. Smith drank little wine, ? . He doesn't like drinking wine. A. didn’t he; Yes, he did. C. did he; Yes, he did. Yes, he enjoys driving it to ...


  阳光家教网http://hz.ygjj.com高二英语学习资料 高二英语高二英语会考练习( ) 高二英语会考练习(1)听力理解( 一, 听力理解(共 14 题,20 分) 第一节: 段对话和后面的问题, 三个选项中选出最佳答案. (每 第一节:听下面 8 段对话和后面的问题,从所给的 A,B,C 三个选项中选出最佳答案. 每 ( 题 1 分) 1 .A. By taxi B. By bus C. On foot 2. A. 6:55 B: 7:05 C. 8:05 3. A. Sweden B. ...


  2007-2008 学年下学期高二英语教师工作总结 - 学年下学期高二英语 高二英语教 英语组 郑明瑜本学期我继续担任高二 7、8 两个理科班的英语科教学。一学期来, 我服从 学校的安排,认真地做好了自己的本职工作,紧密地将提高教学水平与思想理 论水平结合起来, 在努力完善自己的同时顺利地完成了 7、 两个选修模块的教 8 学任务。当然,在获取了一些教育教学经验的同时,也认识到了自己在工作中仍 有许多须提高和改进的地方。为今后能更有成效地完成教书育人的己任,特将 本学期的工作总结如下: 一.制定 ...


  2008学年下学期高二英语教师工作总 高二英语教师工作 2008-2009 学年下学期高二英语教师工作总结 英语组 张毓琳本学期我仍继续担任高二 9、10 两个班级的英语教学工作。在高二上学期会 考完之后,这学期学生所学科目减少了,能把更多的时间投入到剩下的科目中。 因此,我充分利用这一点,在本学期中,继续认真抓好学生的英语学习工作,而 学生们也能较积极配合。现将学期工作总结如下: 一、加强集体备课,合理利用教材 加强集体备课, 本学期,我们仍继续坚持备课组间的集体备课活动。在五位老师的共同讨论 ...


  2004?2005 学年(上学期)高二英语期考试题(二) 第一部分:听力(满分 15) Ⅰ、听句子,选择正确的应答语 ( )1. A. Take it easy B. That’s right C. It doesn’t matter ( )2. A. Don’t say so B. No worry C. No problem ( )3. A. Yes, I can B. No, I can’t C. I am sorry ( )4. A. It’s very kind of you to s ...



  2010 年度安全生产工作责任目标考核实施 责任目标考核实施细则 昌江县 2010 年度安全生产工作责任目标考核实施细则 (职能部门、省条管单位、人民团体) 职能部门、省条管单位、人民团体)共同部分( 共同部分(40 分) 单位考核项目和分值 考核项目和分值评分标准 评分标准1.未明确安全生产分管领导的,扣 1 分; 安全生产工作 2.未明确相关股室(部门)具体承担本行业安全生产监管工作的,扣 1 分; 组织领导情况 3.未明确安委办联络员负责安全生产工作的,扣 2 分; (8 分) 4.主要领 ...


  学校卫生试题 一、填空题 1、 学校普通教室人均使用面积:小学不低于(1.15)平方米, 中学不低于(1.12)平方米。2、 3、学生宿舍的居室,人均使用面积不应低于(3)平方米。 儿童入托、 入学时, 托幼机构、 学校应当查验 (预防接种证) , 发现未依照国家免疫规划受种的儿童,应当及时到接种单位 补种。4、学校和托幼机构应当建立(由学生到老师到学校疫情报告人 到学校(托幼机构)领导)的传染病疫情发现、信息登记与 报告制度。5、 6、学校每间教室内至少应设有(2 种)不同高低型号的课桌椅 学 ...


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  销售人员月绩效考核表销售主管绩效考核(模式一) 销售主管绩效考核(模式一)A 岗位职责×40% + B 工作目标×40% + C 行为表现 绩效考核 ×20% 销售助理绩效考核 模式二) 绩效考核( 销售助理绩效考核(模式二)B 工作目标×80% + C 行为表现×20% 注:考核内容的确定由直接主管提议,部门经理审核确定,报人力资源部备案,更改亦 同。 员工姓名 工号 部门 岗位/职务 填表日期 第一部分: 第一部分:岗位职责 A.关键考核要项 考核标准 权重 20% 1. 设定销售渠道, 拟 ...


  学生会,在学校党总支领导和学校团委的指导下,贯彻党的教育方法,结合学校实际情况,紧紧围绕学校的中心工作,以学校发展服务、服务同学、促进全体学生全面发展为工作宗旨,通过开展有益于同学身心健康的学习、创作、文体、社会实践、志愿者服务、社会公益等活动,积极创造良好的学风、校风,引导全校学生不断提高思想觉悟,维护学校良好的教学秩序和学习、生活环境,并反映同学们的建议、意见和要求,促进同学和学校,同学和老师,同学之间的沟通了解,是学校管理的助手和生力军,也是发挥自身聪明才智,完善自我的小天地.牢固掌握各科 ...