English Email 英语电子邮件 例文


实例之一: 实例之一:
Dear Mr. / Ms, We are much concerned that your sales in recent months have fallen considerably. At f irst we thought this might be due to a slack market, but on looking into the matter mor e closely, we find that the general trend of trade during this period has been upwards.
It is possible that you are facing difficulties of which we are not aware. If so, we wou ld like to know what we can do to help. We, therefore, look forward to receiving from you a detailed report on the situation and suggestions as to how we may help in restoring our sales to their former level. Yours faithfully , 我们非常关心你方销售近几个月大幅度下降。开始我们以为是市场疲软,但仔细研究问题,我们 发现过去这段时间贸易的总趋势是上升的。有可能你方面临我方还不知道的困难,如是这样,我 方想知道是否能帮助什么。 我们期望收到关于问题的详细报告, 及建议我们怎样帮助才能把销售 恢复到原来的水平。 您诚挚的

第二种、 第二种、约定 Appointments
实例之一: 实例之一:
Dear Mr./Ms,
Mr. John Green, our General Manager, will be in Paris from June 2 to 7 and would lik e to come and see you, say, on June 3 at
  2.00 p.m. about the opening of a sample r oom there.Please let us know if the time is convenient for you. If not, what time you w ould suggest. Yours faithfully, < 以下为回信范文 > Dear Mr. / Ms, Thank you for your letter informing us of Mr. Green’s visit during June 2-
  7. Unfortunatel y, Mr. Edwards, our manager, is now in Cairo and will not be back until the second ha lf of June. He would, however, be pleased to see Mr. Green any time after his return. We look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully,
实例之二: Dear Mr/Ms, I represent the W/P Electronics Company in Dallas, and will be in Kunming from next Monday to Friday, (October 5-
  9). I should like to call on you to discuss our new monit or. Would 0930 hours on Tuesday, October 6 be convenient? I shall be in Beijing, at the Great Wall Hotel, from Tuesday, September 29, until Sunda y, October 4, where a message will reach me. If the day is not convenient, will you pl ease suggest another. Yours faithfully
我是达拉斯 W/P 电子公司的代表,将于下周一到周五(10 月 5-9 日)住留昆明。我乐于请您商 讨我们新的显示器。星期二即 10 月 6 日上午
  09:30 是否方便?
从周二,即 9 月 29 日,我将住在北京的长城宾馆,直到周六,即 10 月 4 日,在那会有通知给 我。如商讨日期不方便,请另外建议。 < 以下为回信范文 > Dear Mr/Ms, Thank you for your letter of September
  26.We shall be very pleased to see you and di scuss your new monitor, but October 6 is not suitable. We will be happy to meet with you at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, October 7, if the time is convenient for you. We look forward to meeting you. Yours faithfully
我们将很高兴与您会面并与您商谈新的显示器,但 10 月 6 日不太合适。如方便的话,我们愿在 10 月 7 日与您会面。 期待与您见面。 您诚挚的 实例之三: Dear Mr. / Ms, I am at present in Hamburg visiting the harbour with a view to making known our new type of container for use in Europe. I shall be in Antwerp on Wednesday, 4th June, and should like to call on you at
  2.00 p.m. on that day. If I do not hear from you to the contrary, I shall assume that it will be convenient for me to call at that time. Yours faithfully
我现正在汉堡参观港口,以让欧洲了解并使用我们的新型集装箱。 星期三即六月 4 日,我将到安特卫普,我会于当天下午
  2:00 打电话给你。 对此约定如不来信,我将认为于这个时间打电话是方便的。 您诚挚的 实例之四: Dear Mr. / Ms,
Mr. Jack Baron, our personnel director, has asked me to acknowledge your application for the post of accountant and to ask you to come to see him on Friday afternoon, 5th July, at half past two. I will appreciate your letting me know whether you will be able to come. Yours faithfully 杰克巴伦先生,我们的人事主任,让我向你申请会计职位表示感谢,并请你于 7 月 5 日星期五 的下午两点半来见他。 是否能来,请告知,多谢。 < 以下为回信范文 > Dear Mr./ Ms, Thank you for your letter of yesterday inviting me to come for an interview on Friday a fternoon, 5th July, at 2:
  30. I shall be happy to be there as requested and will bring my diploma and other papers with me. Yours faithfully
谢谢昨日来信通知我面试,我将于要求的 7 月 5 日,周五下午两点半到达,并带去我的证书及 其它书面材料。

第三种、通知与确认 第三种、通知与确认 Acknowledgments & Confirmations

实例之一: 实例之一: 通知对方接到来信 Acknowledging receipt of letters
hank you for your letter No. A-3 of 6th May, offering us 6 UI-4 Viewdatas. We have p assed it on to our Technical Department for their consideration. We shall reply as soon as possible. Yours faithfully
谢谢您五月六日标号为 A-3 的来信,该信向我们提供 6 UI-4 图像数据。我们已把该信转给了技 术部,备他们考虑。
  2. Dear Mr/Ms, We have today received with thanks information concerning transactions on the New Y ork Wheat Exchange which will be made full use of by our research department. We look forward to further cooperation with you. Yours faithfully 我们今天收到了有关纽约小麦交易所的业务信息,非常感谢,我们的研究部门将充分利用这些 信息。 期待与你进一步合作。

实例之二: 实例之二: 确认达成的协议 Confirming agreements reached Dear Mr. / Ms,
Last Friday, when we were discussing the problems of defective containers. You sugge sted that I simply mail you a report each month on the number of return by customers rather than send the defective containers to you. I plan to put this into effect at once. But, I first want to make sure that I understand y ou correctly. If I don’t hear from you within the coming week, I’ll assume that you appr ove. Yours faithfully 上周五, 我们讨论了次品集装箱的问题, 你建议我只需把顾客每月退回的次品集装箱的数量写个 报告给你,而不是直接退集装箱。 我计划立即付诸现实。但我想确认我理解正确, 到下周为止,如我不能收到你的来信,我即认 为 你没有异议。
  4. Dear Mr/Ms, We write to confirm our agreement reached during our conversation on 9th June about special discounts on M-S Acoustical Partitions as described on page 8 of our catalogu e. These prices will prevail through 30 June. Partition dimension Regular Price Each Special price Each(12 or more) 4X
  4’ US$ 1
  12.75FOB Bern US$
  98.20 FOB Bern 4x
  5’ US$132 1
  15.50 5x
  5’ US$1
  52.75 1
  29.85 We will be happy to receive your order
Yours sincerely 我们写信想确认六月九日谈话中就 M-S 声音隔板特别折扣达成的协议。 这些隔板在我们目录泊 第八页有描述。下列价格六月三十日前有效: 声音隔板规格 每只常规价 每只特别价(12 及以上) 4X
  4’ US$ 1
  12.75FOB 波恩 US$
  98.20 FOB 波恩 4x
  5’ 132 1
  15.50 5x
  5’ 1
  52.75 1
  29.85 我们将很荣幸收到你的定单
  5. Dear Mr/Ms, As our telephone negotiation this morning was very brief and proceeded so smoothly, I thought it might be advisable to summarize the agreement: I offered US$56/kg CIF EMP You asked for US$60 I countered US$58/kg You accepted the figure I look forward to signing the contract when we meet next week. Yours faithfully 今天上午我们的电话协商简短而融洽,我想简单总结一下协议: 我报价为:US$56/kg CIF EMP,你还价为 US$
  60,我让价为 US$58/kg 你同意这个价格。下周见面时我期待能签定合同。

第四种、 第四种、 告示 Announcements

实例之一: 实例之一: 开业 Opening of new business
We have opened at the above address a sales office for our products here in New Yo rk. We employ a staff of consultants and a well-trained service department which make s routine checks on all equipment purchased from us. We would be pleased if you would take full advantage of our s ervices and favourable shopping conditions. We fully guarantee the quality of our products.
Yours faithfully 我们已在纽约上述地址为我们的产品开设了一家办事处。 我们雇有一个谘询人员和一支受过良好 训练的服务队伍,可以为从我处购买的设备进行日常检查。 如果你能充分利用我们的服务和良好的购物环境,我们会很高兴。我们全面保证产品的质量。

实例之二: 实例之二: 建立办事处 Establishment of new branch Dear Mr. / Ms,
Owing to the large increase in the volume of our trade with this country we have decid
ed to open a branch here, with Mr. Wang Lo as manager. The new branch will open on 1st March and from that date all orders and inquiries should be sent to Mr. Wang Lo at the above address, instead of to our London office. We take this opportunity to express our thanks for your cooperation in the past. We ho pe the new arrangements will lead to even better results. Yours faithfully , 因在该国贸易额大量增加,我们决定在这里开设一家分支,由王洛先生任经理。新办事处将于三 月一日开业,今后所有的订单和询价请按上述地址送到王洛先生那,而不是伦敦办公室。 我们籍此机会向您过会与我们的合作表示感谢,我们希望新的安排能产生好的结果。

实例之三: 歇业 Discontinuation of business 例之三: Dear Mr/Ms,
With the demolition of our premises at the above address under a redevelopment sche me, the part of our business carried on there will be discontinued after the end of Oct ober. On Monday, 1st October, we are holding a closing-out sale. Stock on hand will be clea red regardless of cost. There will be substantial reductions in all departments and in some cases, prices will be marked down by as much as one half.
Stock to be cleared is unrivaled in both variety and quality. As the sale is likely to be well attended, we hope you make a point of visiting the store as early as possible duri ng the opening days. Yours faithfully 随着在经营重组计划下而取消的上述经营场所,该处的业务将于十月底后停止。在十月一日,星 期一,我们将组织一次清仓销售,现有库存不论成本都将清售。所有部门都将大幅消价,有的商 品折价会达一半。 清仓商品无论种类还是质量都无可挑剔。 因此次销售参加人员可能较多, 我们希望您在清仓销售 期间尽早来。

实例之四:更改名称和地址 实例之四 更改名称和地址 Change of name and address Dear Mr. / Ms,
At our company meeting on 4 September, it was decided that the name of our compan y would be changed to CNMIEC Lee Co. At the same time, it was decided to move th e company from the above address to No3-6 Broadway Street. We will appreciate your informing the appropriate departments of these changes. Yours faithfully 在公司九月四日的会议上,我们公司的名称已决定改为 CNMIEC 李氏公司。同时公司由现在地 址移到百老汇街 3-6 号。 如能把这些变化通知相关部门,我们将不胜感激。
新的任命 New appointment
Dear Mr. / Ms, We wish to notify you that Mr. Robert Smart, who has been our representative in Sout hwest England for the past seven years has left our service and therefore no longer h as authority to take orders or collect accounts on our behalf. We have appointed Mr. Fred Peterson in his place. Mr. Peterson has for many years b een on our sales force and is thoroughly familiar with the needs of customers in your area. We trust you will have good cooperation from him. Yours faithfully
我们在此通知您, 过去七年在英格兰西南任我们代表的罗伯特斯马特先生已离开我们公司, 他不 再代表公司接受订单收款。 我们已任命弗莱德彼特森代替他的位置。 彼特森先生已在我们的销售部门任职多年, 完全熟悉你 地区顾客的需要。我们相信您和他能有好的合作。

实例之六: 实例之六:
Establishment or reorganization of company Dear Mr. / Ms,
We are pleased to announce that as of 1st June our firm will merge with D & W Co. of this town to form the new firm of CN/CW Co. The new firm will carry on business a t 6 Rue de Toqueville, Tripoli, to which address please send all communications after 3 1st May. We appreciate the confidence you have placed in us in the past and look forward to c ontinued dealings with you. 我们高兴的宣布,由于六月一日我们公司将于该镇的 D&W 公司合并,成立新的 CN/CM 公司。 新公司将在 Tripoli 的 Rue de Toqueville 六号办公,五月三十一日后所有信息请寄新地址。 我们感谢您过去对我的信任并希望继续与您来往。 您诚挚的

第五种、 谘询 Consultation 第五种

实例之一: 实例之一:
We are much concerned that your sales in recent months have falle


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  稽查大队五中队工作总结2010 年,在局党组及大队领导班子的正确领导下,在局 机关各科室及各中队、办公室的大力支持下,稽查大队五中 队克服了装备差、 办公条件落后等客观问题, 不断自我施压, 不断创新、坚持执法与服务并举的工作思路,围绕本年度的 工作重点、从大局出发,转变作风,强化服务,圆满完成了 上级赋予的各项工作任务,现将全年的执法工作情况总结如 下: 从自身做起,努力提高政治水平、业务素质。 提高政治水平 一、 从自身做起,努力提高政治水平、业务素质。 今年来,五中队认真依照上级的各项要求 ...


  长宁县分公司半年工作 总结及计划目录上半年工作回顾 市场发展情况及计划 客户服务工作计划 网络维护及建设工作情况上半年工作回顾2006.1长宁县分公司按照公司部署,开始了今冬明春促销活动, 整个今冬明春活动期间累计销售GSM号卡* 张,无线农话 * 台,CDMA一机一卡终端* 台 为了更好地体现员工工作情况并对其实行有效管理,长宁县 重新制定各岗位职责和考核办法,并结合考核办法加强了 对员工的管理 为了提高渠道质量,规发渠道操作,长宁分公司对渠道进 行清理,先后清除不合格专营店6家,并在清理期间 ...


  仓库管理制度总则 一,仓库管理人员工作制度规则: 仓库管理人员工作制度规则: 1,各仓管人员应负责整理仓库物品的出货,储存,保管,检验及帐 ,各仓管人员应负责整理仓库物品的出货,储存,保管, 务报表的登录等工作. 务报表的登录等工作. 2,仓库物资实行先进先出的作业原则,并按此原则分别决定储存方 ,仓库物资实行先进先出的作业原则, 式及位置. 式及位置. 3,仓库不准代私人保管物品,也不得擅自答应未经领导同意的其他 ,仓库不准代私人保管物品, 单位和部门的物品存仓. 单位和部门的物品存仓. 4, ...